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Tonneau Cover Rail

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A pickup truck won't be as functional as it is designed to be if it isn't outfitted with a tonneau cover. However, tonneau covers only work best if they are properly installed. This is where the tonneau cover rail comes in. The rail facilitates tonneau cover installation, allows it to move or retract when needed, and holds it in place. So, a rail that isn't installed well or one that's already rusted or damaged limits the movement and functionality of the cover.

If you've decided to replace your truck's rail, here are the dos and don'ts to consider for you to get a bed rail that isn't just functional, but also worth your every buck:


  • Do ensure the rail's compatibility with your truck's tonneau cover.
  • Tonneau covers come in many different types. So if you need a new tonneau cover rail, you have to consider the type of cover you have and the way it operates. Is it a soft top or a hard top? The rail must be able to accommodate installation and the weight of the cover. You should also consider if it's a roll up, folding, retractable, or hinged cover as the rail must allow you to open and close the cover effortlessly. Any incompatibility between the cover and the rail can render both of them inoperable.

  • Choose a tonneau cover rail that can easily be installed on your truck.
  • For most DIYers, how the bed rail is installed matters a lot as it determines how long the DIY task will take. If you don't have enough time to spend on your truck, get a rail that can easily be installed on your truck bed without a need for drilling or any complicated installation procedure. A bed rail that's specifically made for your truck won't require cutting or modification during installation.


  • Don't compromise the rail's quality for price.
  • If you really want to get value for your money, you must not, in any way, forego the quality of your tonneau cover rail for price. If the rail you're eyeing is a bit expensive, find out what makes it worth the price. Perhaps, it is made from high-quality materials with superior scratch-and rust-resistant finish. A quality rail should also allow you to smoothly glide the cover into its retracted and extended position without getting damaged. Remember, you should only shell out considerable amount of money for a product that will serve you well for a long time.

  • Don't pay for a rail that limits your tonneau cover's capabilities.
  • The tonneau cover rail must allow the cover to work to its full potential. Determine all the features of your tonneau cover and make sure that the rail will allow you to enjoy these features to the fullest. If you regularly need full truck access, the rail must allow you to completely retract or remove the cover without much of a hassle.

  • Don't be fooled by too-good-to-be-true warranty coverage.
  • Most auto parts come with warranty to assure you that they are free from manufacturer defects. This is also an assurance of how long the manufacturer or the merchant will stand behind their products. However, while good warranty coverage always come with a price, it must not cause a product to be overpriced. So before paying for the rail you're thinking of purchasing, find out first if it's priced right considering its quality, features, ease of installation, and warranty.