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Bad things might happen to your car just when you least expect it. One of the tires may suddenly blow out or the car may inevitably break down, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road. You can wait for some roadside assistance or fix things on your own so that you can be back on the road in no time. With a manual and the right set of tools, you can repair whatever's amiss with the car after diagnosing the problem. In cases like this, it pays to have a highly reliable tool kit that you can pack on the trunk or anywhere in the vehicle. When emergency comes, you can either tinker with your car or ask a fellow motorist or some mechanic for a temporary fix until you can find your way to the nearest gas station or a fully stocked auto shop. With the right kit, you can be ready for anything.

When getting a tool kit for your car, here are some questions you have to ask yourself:

  • What kind of tool set do I need? Do I need a kit for quick tire changes or for engine repair or tune-up?
  • What would be the right tool set for my skills as a DIYer or mechanic? Aside from screwdrivers and wrenches, what other tools have I used or handled before?
  • Will I need a 55-piece automotive repair tool set or just the basic tools? Will I be using a separate emergency tool set for travel or will the new set of tools be also used for common auto repair in my garage?
  • How much money am I willing to spend for the tool set? Will I invest in a complete set of tools or do I just need the basics for now?

As you shop around for a tool kit, you have to check the following:

  • Kinds of tools included in the set. You have to check what's included in the kit, if this comes with different wrenches, pliers, drive sockets, hex keys, drive bits, and ratchets. Knowing what's in the package will help you decide if the kit suits your auto repair needs and matches your skills.
  • Number of tools in the kit. The tool kit may include just the basic tools for tire changing or for doing some repair under the hood. It may include as many as 55 to more than 100 tools. There's no use to carry around a bunch of tools if you're not familiar with all of them.
  • Sizes of wrenches, drive sockets, etc. When fixing something in your car, you have to use the right kind of tools to avoid damage or other inconveniences. To tighten the bolts according to torque specs, you have to use the right size of wrench and drive socket. You have to find the right tools for different types of fasteners and repair situations.
  • Other convenience features. The tool kit may come in a compact case with tools that are neatly arranged. It may come with locks and keys and may be carried or opened easily. Consider these features for your own comfort and convenience.