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Toyota Highlander Parts And Toyota Highlander Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Toyota Highlander parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Toyota Highlander to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Toyota Highlander Parts

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  • Preventing Toyota Highlander Engine Failure: Three Habits You Should Stop Doing

    Designed with excitement and driving pleasure in mind, the Toyota Highlander is all set to be your companion in your every journey, every moment. But no matter how capable, powerful, and versatile this SUV is, it still needs proper care and maintenance to operate well at any given time and driving condition. Since it is the heart of your Highlander, the engine deserves a healthy working condition because if it stops working, your car will also be futile. So whether your Highlander is brand new or not, you have to do whatever it takes to keep your engine youthful and prevent the drivers\' much-dreaded vehicle problem.engine failure.from occurring. By avoiding these habits, you\'ll be on your way to a healthier, better-performing Toyota Highlander engine:

    Skipping oil changes

    The engine relies on clean oil to keep its components working smoothly and lubricated well. So if you want to keep it that way, you have to follow the oil change schedules and intervals stated in your owner\'s manual. No one knows your engine better than its manufacturer, so when it says it\'s time for an oil change, you have to do it. Neglecting oil changes means putting more stress on your engine components and accelerating corrosion of the crankshaft and cylinders. When this happens, it won\'t be long until your engine breaks down completely.

    Ignoring oil leaks

    If you notice oil stains on your driveway, that could be your engine\'s way of telling you that it has a leak somewhere, and you have to find out where that leak is as soon as possible. More the mess they leave on the driveway, oil leaks pose a more serious problem: they can drain your engine of its much-needed oil. Such leaks also give off unpleasant smell and may cause your Highlander\'s clutch to slip. So as soon as you notice brown o yellow fluid on your driveway, find time to tinker with your engine to find determine where the leak is, and have the problem solved the soonest.

    Not minding the check engine light

    When the check engine light on your dash panel illuminates, it means that there\'s something wrong with your ride. It could be as minor as a loose gas cap or a more alarming and more complicated problem in the powertrain. Nevertheless, you have to find out what causes this light to pop on and deal with the issue at once. Even if your Highlander is still working well, do not make the mistake of ignoring the check engine light.

    Disregarding your cooling system

    As its name implies, the cooling system keeps the engine of your Toyota Highlander cool. So if you\'re after the engine\'s welfare, you shouldn\'t overlook the said system particularly if it\'s been showing signs of problems. Don\'t forget to flush the engine coolant at the schedule and interval stated in your manual. Also check the system regularly for coolant leaks and blockage. Deal with failing cooling fans right away. Remember that if your cooling system isn\'t working well, your engine may overheat, and frequent engine overheating can lead to total engine failure.