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Below you'll find a wide variety of Toyota Matrix parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Toyota Matrix to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Common Problems that Concerns Toyota Matrix Owners

    In the game of compact hatchbacks in the modern automotive market, ventures between American and Japanese brands do not seem far-fetched. This what led to the development and production of the Toyota Matrix. While this vehicle looks very much Japanese, there are elements that came from General Motors. Its production started in 2002 and spawned two generations that lasted until 2014. During its decade-long run, this Corolla derivative provided an enthusiastic driving experience for the owners. However, there are also issues that eventually came out to bother them. Here are some of the common problems that call the attention of a Matrix owner:

    Engine trouble and mishaps

    Modern vehicles like the Toyota Matrix are designed for efficient and reliable performance. To maximize the engine capabilities, computers are integrated into it. The component makes careful and precise calculations in order to synchronize all of the operations that take place under the hood. As the components work together properly, fuel is spent well. Therefore emissions are reduced while engine output is optimized. But their conditions are monitored by sensors. If these pieces send the wrong data, then there is a possibility that the system would miscalculate and compromise the way the vehicle runs. During these instances, it would be proper to look for the problematic sensor and have it fixed or replaced.

    On the other hand, fluid leaks can also develop in the engine after the car has been used for countless of miles. During this time, wear and tear would eventually take its toll on seals, gaskets and other moving components. When the engine loses oil, there is an increased tendency for parts to suffer from friction and excessive heat. This can be remedied by the replacement of old gaskets, seals and filling of oil.

    Transmission insubordination

    From the engine, power would have to go through the transmission to convert it to a more useful force. During this transition, gears of different ratios are selected and engaged to optimize the power as it is directed to the wheels. However, the transmission is no stranger to developing problems. In the 2004 Toyota Matrix with a stick shift, owners experience problems that involve clutches, gears and other mechanisms inside the assembly.

    They were taken by surprise by the premature wear of the clutch. This part is important in a manual gear box because it is the one responsible for engaging and disengaging the engine from the rest of the transmission. After thorough diagnosis, the part would eventually be removed and replaced by a new one. The expense incurred in fixing it usually does not sit well with owners.

    Unintended acceleration

    For Matrix units equipped with an automatic transmission, there might be a chance that it would experience unintended accelerations. This happens without the intervention of the driver but the result and damage can be severe. The throttle would go wide open and make the wheels spin wildly. It renders the vehicle uncontrollable soon after. Reasons are still disputed upon but owners are persistent in resolving this issue to avoid people getting hurt in the future.