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  • How to Identify, Fix, and Prevent A/C Failure of Your Toyota Pickup

    The Toyota Pickup is a great work truck that can haul more than 400 lbs. of cargo and tow sedans. It also has an efficient fuel mileage for a diesel pickup truck of 19 mpg for city and 25 mpg for highway. Aside from that the Toyota Pickup has also long been known for its reliability and that it will last for more than 10 years. One thing that irks many, however, is when the air conditioning fails.

    Common causes of Toyota Pickup A/C failure

    There are many reasons why the air conditioning system of your Toyota Pickup fails, making troubleshooting seem like a complicated task. However, if you know what the common problems are and how to identify its causes, you can easily find a fix for it. If the air conditioning is set to the maximum cool level but is only blowing moderately cool air, then check if the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator are running when the A/C is on. Then look for any contaminants like leaves, bugs, or dirt that would keep air from passing over the condenser. You should also check the cabin air filter to make sure it is not clogged. Another component to check is the compressor. To do this, have the engine running and turn the A/C on max cool, set the fans high, and make sure that the clutch is engaging on the compressor. If the clutch is not engaging, check for voltage on the wire getting to the compressor; if there is voltage, then the clutch might be the cause.

    Fixing the A/C failure

    Just because the air conditioning of your Toyota Pickup fails doesn\'t mean you automatically have to replace it. Once you find the cause of the failure, you can then find the solution to your problem. For example, if the air conditioner is not blowing cold air, then you might need to repair or replace the cooling fans, clean the system, or replace the cabin air filter. If you didn\'t find any voltage getting to the compressor, then you might have to replace the cycling switch, check for a blown fuse, or add more refrigerant. But if you do find voltage but the clutch is still not engaging on the compressor, then you need to replace the clutch.

    Maintaining the air conditioning system to prevent A/C failure

    In order to prevent the air conditioner of your Toyota Pickup from failing, you need to maintain the system properly. The most common cause of A/C failure is a faulty air conditioning compressor failure, which is a result of not following the proper service procedures or oil recommendations. Aside from proper vehicle service, you should also make sure that you are using the correct type of refrigerant, which you can find in the owner\'s manual. You also need to use the correct type of compressor oil, otherwise it would not mix well with the refrigerant, which would then cause the compressor to fail. Lastly, pour enough refrigerant and oil.not too little or too optimize the cooling capacity of your air conditioning system.