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Toyota Tercel Parts And Toyota Tercel Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Toyota Tercel parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Toyota Tercel to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Some Modifications You Can Do to Your Toyota Tercel

    The Toyota Tercel is a high-quality but affordable and comfortable car that was sold in the United States from 1980 to 1999 as the automaker\'s base model. Despite being very small, the interior has enough space to make it livable. Plus, with a gas mileage of up to 36 mpg city and 48 mpg highway, it was the top choice among economical consumers who want a reliable but low-priced car. Years after it was last produced, the Tercel remains popular as ever, especially for car enthusiasts who love rebuilding and customizing old vehicles. If you got your hands on a Toyota Tercel and want to upgrade it into a sweet ride to surprise your friends with, here are some big-deal modifications that you can do to this little car.

    Swap the engine for something more powerful

    Even if you have a vintage car like the Toyota Tercel, you certainly don\'t want it to feel, sound, and drive like one. This is why the most sensible thing to do is to swap its factory engine with a bigger, more powerful one to generate an impressive power-to-weight ratio. However, while you pretty much have unlimited options of engines to swap with, the principles of having one that will make your car run still apply. For example, installing the engine in between the uni-body of your Toyota Tercel may be easy. However, getting the ancillaries to work as well as properly retrofitting the other systems into place is a whole other level. So when choosing what engine to get, make sure that it is not just more powerful than the previous one, but it should also fit your car. Research on engines that are known to fit the Tercel, or at least measure the engine and transmission\'s overall dimensions and go around shopping for the engine with the perfect size.

    Install a cold air intake

    If the engine is the most expensive mod you can do to your Toyota Tercel, then the cold air intake might be the cheapest one you\'d want to install in your car. While it won\'t add as much power to the engine, it helps your vehicle\'s performance in other ways. With the cold air intake installed, the air filter is moved outside the engine compartment, resulting in cooler air being sucked into the engine for combustion. Because cooler air brings more oxygen into the combustion chamber, your car\'s performance will improve.

    Add high-flow exhaust and headers

    As you upgrade your engine and add a cold air intake to increase your Toyota Tercel\'s performance, more waste gases are produced. This increases your car\'s back pressure and hinders its ability to get these waste gases out of the engine, resulting in a loss of power, increase in engine temperature, and reduced fuel economy. However, you can combat this by adding new headers and a high-performance exhaust system. A new exhaust manifold can provide both smooth and equal-length pipe sections to exit gas from each of the engine\'s cylinders. Meanwhile, revamping the exhaust system that minimizes bends and increases pipe size can optimize the engine performance.