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Whether you use your trailer for work or for fun, it is important that you keep it in tiptop shape to make it always ready any time you need it. There's no better way to do that than to provide it with a high-quality trailer cover. But, not all covers can provide the kind of protection you need for your trailer, so it's important that you choose it well.

The cover you should get should have the following qualities and features to be able to keep your much-loved trailer secured and protected:

Right size

A cover that's too small may leave some parts of the trailer exposed to dirt, water, and other damaging elements. One that's too big, on the other hand, can be difficult to clean and too bulky to store. To avoid such downsides, make sure to get the right size of trailer cover. This means that you should measure the trailer first before shopping for a cover. Get the trailer's exact diameter, height, and length (including the bumper and hitch). Use the measurements you've obtained when selecting a cover or when ordering custom-made trailer covers.

Waterproof yet breathable fabric

Your trailer's greatest enemy would be rust, so when looking for a cover, it is important to go for one that's water repellent yet breathable. This way, you can keep rain, melted ice, as well as water splashes out of the trailer while keeping it well ventilated inside to prevent moisture buildup. The cover's ability to breath also helps prevent formation of mold and mildew, which eventually leads to corrosion on the trailer's surface when overlooked.

Snug fit

A trailer cover that's of the right size covers the entire trailer well but doesn't ensure snug fit. For a perfect-fitting cover, go for one with elasticized corners or hems as these features ensure that the cover will adjust to and fit well with the contours of the trailer. For large covers, adjustable front and rear tension panels can help ensure perfect fit.

Remember that if the cover fits the trailer snugly, no amount of wind can make it fly off the trailer, leaving the vehicle exposed to hazardous elements. This is the reason why some trailer covers even feature unique tie-down loops and rope that help keep the cover in place especially on windy days.

UV protection

Besides protecting the trailer, the trailer cover should also have the ability to protect itself against the harsh effects of the sun's UV rays. It should be made from materials that won't easily soften or get brittle when exposed to direct sunlight.

Easy to clean and store

It would be a great advantage on your part if the cover is easy to clean. Despite being durable, it should also be lightweight to allow you to fold it up and store it easily when not in use.

Other necessary features

Some trailer covers offer features other covers don't. Many large trailers have full-height zippered panels to give you complete access to the trailer's door as well as to its side and rear. There are also covers that come with storage bag and rear ladder cap. Don't be enticed by the number of extra features included in a trailer cover; find out first how you'll benefit from each feature. That way, you will be able to get the best value for your money.