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Transfer Case Shift Mode Selector

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If you like taking your vehicle off-road, then it's probably equipped with a transfer case shift mode selector. This component is part of the transfer case assembly.also known as the transfer gearcase, transfer gearbox, transfer box, or jockey box. The transfer case is responsible for sending power from the transmission to your vehicle's front and rear axles. While you drive off-road, the last thing that you'd need is faulty transfer case because having one can prove fatal, especially if you're traversing through harsh terrain. The transfer case shift selector mode is the component that makes your off-road driving convenient and easy as it allows you to choose between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive by simply shifting a lever or pushing the buttons of aeawitch. If this component breaks down or gets damaged, your happy driving days will soon be over. To know more about transfer cases and how to maintain them, keep reading below.


The transfer case shift mode selector is the one in charge of controlling the transfer case system. For four-wheel drive vehicles, you can usually set it to either high or low, depending on what type of terrain you're driving. Setting the gearbox to high allows the transfer case to shift and use the highest gear ratio. On the other hand, setting it to low will do the opposite and limit the ratio.


When looking for hereplacement for your broken or damaged transfer case shift mode selector, you need to prepare around $50 to make sure you get one from a trusted brand.

Maintaining Tips

The best way to prevent having problems with your vehicle's transfer case would be through monitoring its fluid levels regularly. Make it a habit to change your transfer case fluid every time you do an oil change and transmission fluid swap to avoid forgetting it. Experts also recommend swapping the transfer case fluid every 25,000 to 30,000 miles or every two years. In this way, the transfer case is kept healthy, including vital components like the transfer case shift mode selector. Take note, though, that you may need to monitor the fluid every time you go off-roading because it can get contaminated during your trips. Here's a quick guide on how to maintain the transfer case by changing its fluid.

Step 1: Remove the transfer plate skid plate that's usually attached using fasteners. If the fasteners have become frozen, use penetrating oil to loosen up the rust buildup.

Step 2: After removing the skid plate, get a rag and apply some solvent to it and start wiping the exteriors of the transfer case.

Step 3: Next, remove the top and bottom plugs of the case and make sure the drain pan is positioned underneath to catch the fluid.

Step 4: After draining the fluid, reinstall the bottom plug, making sure you apply the right amount of torque.

Step 5: Next. Attach a screw-on nozzle (or your filling device of choice) to the case and start to fill it with new fluid.

Step 6: Once the case is full, close the top plug using the correct torque measurement.

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