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Adding some trim pieces on your car can give it a more personalized look. Changes can be subtle or quite dramatic, depending on the kind of trim that you'll use. These accessories can be purely decorative, though others can be functional as well, providing some shield to the paint or the component they accentuate. If you're thinking of a simple but effective way to give your vehicle a makeover or overhaul, what you need is a car trim kit, which is sometimes called trim or appearance package. With the right cosmetic upgrades, your ride can look fresh and hip, unique and stylish, or sophisticated and luxurious. It's up to you what kind of look you'll create through the different trim pieces that you'll use. Not only will these enhance the look of your vehicle, but these can also rack up its resale value.

Interior trim kit

The interior of your vehicle can look cozier or even have a more tasteful, personalized design if you add some interior trim pieces. These trim pieces can be made of wood, stainless steel, or other materials. What's great about them is that they're fairly easy to install. The components of the kit can be fixed in place simply by using their double-sided adhesive. You can place them over factory trim pieces. Most of them can be attached easily, with no drilling or alterations required. When shopping for an interior trim package, consider the style. Will the new trim pieces match the leather upholstery? Should you switch to wood panels on the instrument cluster or do you need a new stereo trim? Changing the details on your car interior can do wonders.

Exterior trim kit

The exterior of your vehicle can wow the crowd with the right trim pieces to accentuate it. Trim pieces can be placed on bumpers, grilles, lights, hoods, door handles, fenders, and doors. These style elements can definitely upgrade the aesthetics of the vehicle. Pick the right pieces to create a more stylish or elegant look. These pieces can be made of PVC, wood, stainless, or rubber. They also come in various finishes and colors. Most of them can be set in place using double-sided adhesive, though in other trim packages, help from professionals or a more skilled home mechanic may be needed.

Tips when using a car trim kit

For interior trim pieces

  • Clean the interior trim pieces before you set them in place. You may use rubbing alcohol for this or any non-abrasive cleaning solution.
  • Test-fit the aftermarket trim pieces before you peel off their adhesive or fix them in place.
  • Press trim pieces (with adhesive backing) against the surface for about a minute to make sure they'll stick.

For exterior trim pieces

  • Leave no stains or spots on the surface where the exterior trims will be placed. Clean the area first.
  • Check first if the trim will fit before you go on peeling off the adhesive tape. Look for a trim kit that's specially made or designed for the make and model of your vehicle.
  • Let the trim pieces stick to the surface by pressing them for about a minute.