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Truck Bed Rack

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The truck bed gives you plenty of space for your cargo. This can accommodate differently sized equipment and can hold a lot of load. If you do a lot of travelling and do some cargo hauling during your trips around town or from border to border, then a good pickup truck can be a vehicle of choice. But even if the cargo bed at the back gives you great options for storage, there are still times when this isn't enough. The cargo may be too big or there's simply not enough space left in the crowded cargo compartment. In cases like this, you can rely on a nifty truck bed rack for a wider carrying capacity above the cab. With this rack, you can travel with your kayak, canoe, and other large or heavy sporting equipment without too much trouble. You can also carry some ladders, lumbers, and building materials. You just have to choose a good rack to make sure that all these will be safe and secure at the back of the truck.

Tips when choosing the right rack for your truck

  • When shopping for a truck bed rack, make sure you get one that offers full window protection. In some rack designs, a welded wire mesh might be used for this or a couple of horizontal fleet steel bars. Whatever design or kit you pick, be sure that the windows won't crack or get damaged when you install the rack.
  • The rack shouldn't obstruct your view. The additional storage option and space that it gives you shouldn't get in the way. It shouldn't keep you from getting a good look of the rear traffic or whatever's behind the truck. Otherwise, you'll risk being rear-ended.
  • A rack design that lends a low-profile look is a good choice. The rack and its components should be contoured to the cab for maximum strength and optimized reliability. In some truck bed rack systems, round tubes are used for minimizing road noise. Wire intersections may also be welded for improved strength and to prevent rattles. The welded and louvered design of some racks can actually reduce wind.
  • The truck bed rack shouldn't only appear to have a solid, reliable construction that's designed for tough cargo hauling. It should also be able to support the weight of the load. For this, you have to check its load capacity. Some racks can support 300 to 500 lbs. For heavy-duty rack systems and full-size trucks, the weight capacity can be as much as 1,250 lbs. Take note of this important detail to be able to pick a rack kit or system that best matches your cargo hauling needs, whether you'll be carrying heavy sports equipment or building materials.
  • The truck bed rack should come with sturdy ropes and let you quickly and easily strap all objects securely. The cargo should be fixed in place using the rack and its accessories. The rack should be offered with all the needed hardware, such as stainless steel fasteners that ensure strength and reliability for long-term use. The tubes or bars should be rust- or corrosion-resistant and shouldn't chip quite easily. Once installed, the rack should be able to provide front-to-rear stability.
  • This truck bed cargo hauling accessory should be fairly easy to install. You shouldn't have a hard time setting this up. Some racks won't even require drilling. They can be bolted with less trouble or can be installed with stake pocket inserts. They may also work well with inside rail tonneau covers.
  • Look for a tough truck bed rack that's made from top-grade materials. Some of the most reliable racks for the truck bed are made of aluminum. These may come with ultra mesh. The rack may be designed with heavy-duty steel tubes that are powder coated in black. It's better to use a direct-fit rack that comes with neat features such as adjustable handles and extension beams.