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Truck Cab Top Cover

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So your truck bed has a tonneau cover to protect not just the cargo but the bed itself. Don't you think the top of your truck's cab deserves some kind of protection, too, especially if you're parking your ride outside? Well that's what the truck cab top cover is for. It protects the roof of the cab from rain, snow, tree sap, sun rays, bird droppings, and many other damaging elements that the truck is exposed to when you leave it in an open garage for long hours. By merely protecting the cab, the cover also helps increase your truck's resale value.

If you're now going online to purchase a cab top cover, here are some of the things you should look for in a new unit for you to find one that best answers your needs and offers the greatest value for your money:

  • High-quality, breathable fabric
  • Covers for your cab's top are made from a variety of fabric and materials. Each type of material has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. No matter what type of fabric you choose, just make sure that it's durable enough to last long in service. It should be able to endure all types of beatings it could get when shielding the cab.

    Besides good quality, it is also important that the fabric of your truck cab top cover is breathable. This is particularly important for covers that will be used indoor. A breathable fabric allows vapor and heat to evaporate, preventing them from causing mold and rust formation, foul odor, and other forms of damage.

  • Weatherproof
  • This is one of the first things you should look for when buying an outdoor cover.not just water resistance but weatherproofing. This means that the cover shouldn't allow acid and other micro particles in the rain from getting in contact with the trucks' cab. At the same time, it should be capable enough of protecting itself and the cab top against harmful UV rays and even against snow. So before shelling out your bucks for the truck cab top cover you're thinking of purchasing, find out first if it is resistant to both water and UV rays.

  • Proper fit
  • To find a cover that perfectly fits your truck cab's top, you should consider the type of cab you have as well as the size of the area you want to cover. Do you own a crew cab or double cab, a regular cab, or an extended cab? Covers for double cabs and extended cabs are generally larger than those that are designed for regular cabs. Another consideration is the type of coverage you want. Do you want to protect just the top of the cab along with its window glass and windshield? Or do you want one that extends up to the truck bed? Your answers to these questions will determine the size of the truck cab top cover that perfectly fits your ride and your needs.

  • Necessary features
  • Some manufacturers claim that their cab top covers are way better than their competitors' products because they offer several features other covers don't have. Don't be easily fooled by this. Find out first how you'll benefit from these features and if you really need them. Among the features and qualities you may find useful in a truck cab top cover are stretch weave, which makes the cover go well with the contours of your cab for perfect fit, storage bag, fade resistance, as well as machine-wash feature.

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