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You take your trusty truck almost everywhere you go.whether it's for work, play, or for personal use. Since you rely on it for almost everything, you always bring your handyman tools in case an emergency arises. For instance, if you're driving in the middle of nowhere and your truck suddenly breaks down, you'd want to troubleshoot and fix the damage yourself first before calling for help. To make sure that these tools are organized and to ensure that you have everything that you need, you'd better invest in a proper truck tool box for your ride. These tool boxes are not only designed to blend in with the rest of your truck, but they're also made to protect your tools from damage-causing elements. Aside from that, tool boxes also keep your tools in order and easily accessible. Here's a quick guide on how to install and modify truck tool boxes to help you get started.

Installing a Truck Tool Box

Truck tool boxes are available in different kinds of materials like aluminum, steel, and plastic. For seamless installation, measure the size of your truck bed to ensure that the tool box will fit your ride.

Step 1: To begin, flip the tool box upside down with the lid or cover facing the ground. After that, put the gaskets of the tool box onto the recessed sections that you'll find on both sides.

Step 2: As soon as you've attached the gaskets, trim any excess using a good pair of scissors.

Step 3: Next, remove the backing paper from the gaskets to be able to press them to onto the tool box.

Step 4: Once the gaskets are secure, flip the truck tool box over and begin to mount it onto your desired location in your truck bed.

Step 5: If your tool box has holes at the bottom, you need to bolt it in place to install it properly. It may come with a J-bolt that will rest under the flange of the bed rail. And lastly, secure the bolts using a washer and a hex nut to ensure that it stays in position.

Painting a Truck Tool Box

Some truck tool boxes can be painted to match your color preference. This change in color can drastically change the look of your ride, making tool boxes excellent pieces of vehicle customization.

Step 1: To begin, spray the tool box with some degreasing agent and wipe its surface clean to remove grease and other residues.

Step 2: Next, remove its current paint by sanding it using 80-grit and then 200-grit sandpaper. After that, remove any residue by repeating Step 1. Then, make sure that the tool box is dry before rubbing it using isopropyl alcohol.

Step 3: Put some newspaper beneath the truck tool box before applying a coat of primer. Then, let the coat settle for about 5 minutes before applying another coat.

Step 4: After about 30 minutes, you can apply about 2 coats of paint, making sure that you allot enough curing time in between the coats. Then, once the paint is dry, apply a light clear coat on top of the paint.