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The trunk mat shields the vehicle's typically carpeted cargo area against damage-causing elements. You see, the trunk of your car is kind of a dumping spot where stuff that are damp, too dirty, or too smelly for the vehicle's cabin are placed and kept during your trip. While the trunk area is carpeted, it can only do so much to protect the vehicle's floor panel from water and filth. It is for this reason that trunk mats are made.

The trunk mat, otherwise known as cargo mat, provides you with an inexpensive way to protect that very important yet often neglected part of your ride. It is placed over the carpet to catch dirt and water from your cargo, preventing them from getting in contact with the carpet and the floor panel. Wet carpet can be smelly, and it can promote rust formation. Without the kind of protection only trunk mats can give, you'll just discover one day that the floor panel of your trunk has been slowly eaten up by rust.

If you're in the market to purchase a set of trunk mats for your ride, here are the qualities your new trunk mat should have:

  • Durable/high-quality materials
  • Since the trunk mats need to bear the brunt of the dirtiest of cargos, they need to have high-quality construction and be made from high-quality materials. These qualities will help the mat withstand regular wear and tear, therefore extending their service life. Among the popular mat materials are carpet, plastic, and rubber.

    Carpet mats come with a thick backing so dirt and water won't seep into the trunk's carpet. The advantage of this type of mat is that you can get one that matches the actual carpeting of your trunk. Rubber or plastic mats, on the other hand, are commonly used because of their ability to contain liquids. They are also very easy to clean, and they normally feature uneven threads to provide traction, which keeps the mats and your cargo in place.

  • Weather/climate friendly
  • The trunk mat you choose must work efficiently in all types of climates. It should be able to bear not only the iciness of the items you put into the trunk during winter but also the scorching heat of the sun during summer. If the mat is made from rubber, make sure it won't blister or melt when placed under direct sunlight.

  • Proper fit
  • This is where the battle between universal and model-specific trunk mats comes in. Universal trunk mats are cheaper than their custom-made counterparts. However, they are pretty much like .one-size-fits-all. apparel, so most of the time, you may need to do some modifications just to make them fit well. Custom-made mats are specifically made to fit the contours of your car's trunk, so putting them in place is very easy.

  • Slip proof
  • Your cargo must stay in place when the vehicle is running. This is why it's important that the trunk mat you'll get has non-skid surface at the back. Textured surface provides traction, which prevents the mat from slipping or shifting from one place to another.

  • Easy to clean
  • An easy-to-clean mat will save lots of your precious time. So if you're a busy person, go for a mat that doesn't require complicated cleaning procedures. Thankfully, most mats can be cleaned by simply taking them out of the trunk and hosing the dirt off.

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