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The vehicle's factory audio system is, most of the times, out of balance. But you don't have to worry as you can easily upgrade the vehicle's speaker to greatly improve its overall sound quality. One of the easiest ways to upgrade the speaker system without making the interior feel like shaking when the stereo is playing is to outfit it with a premium-quality tweeter. While small, this component can offer sharp clear highs, which are important in ensuring quality overall sound.

Much like other car stereo components, tweeters are way easy to find in both local stores and through the web. If you prefer to purchase online, here are some of the important factors you should look into for you to get the tweeter that will give real value for your money:

Types of tweeter

Tweeters need to be as light as possible. But, for them to not just improve the stereo's sound but the speaker's appearance as well, they are offered in many different designs. Among the various types of tweeters for you to choose from are:

  • Cone tweeters. Such tweeters look like smaller versions of regular speakers. They generally come cheap and aren't ideal for car owners who wish to upgrade their car's speakers.
  • Ribbon tweeters. These speaker components generate sound through the vibrations of a pleated metal ribbon that's suspended in a magnetic field. The ribbon has low mass, making these tweeters capable of speedily adjusting to the changes in the beat or music.
  • Dome tweeters. As their name implies, these tweeters are easily recognizable by their dome construction. This type is commonly used on most middle- to high-end car stereos as they sport a combination of robust structure and better performance compared to cone tweeters. The great crossover characteristics of this type of tweeter also make it possible for the stereo to create a smooth sound.
  • Piezoelectric tweeters. These tweeters do their tasks well by making use of piezoelectric effect. Such components aren't just rugged; they are also lightweight and power efficient.
  • Planar-magnetic tweeters. This type comes with a great combination of the features of ribbon and electrostatic tweeters. It comes lightweight and ensures excellent response to high frequencies. The downside of such tweeters is that high temperatures can soften the glue and the film, thus affecting their functions.

These are just few of the tweeter choices you'll find around. You can also go for plasma ion tweeters, horn tweeters, or ATM tweeters.

Product fit and compatibility

It's important that the tweeters you get match the car's overall sound system. You see, it will not be possible to generate quality sound if the tweeters work in isolation and not as part of the entire system. Just imagine how bad the sound will be if you'll increase only the volume of the tweeter without synchronizing the volume mid-range speakers and woofers. A wise buyer will always go for tweeters that are designed to be part of the speaker system.

Power input range

Since power handling always matters, you should make sure that the power input range of the tweeters goes well with the amplifier's RMS output. This means that a more powerful amplifier should be fitted with tweeters that have higher power input range.

Other important things that you can consider are the tweeter's price, your budget, as well as the product's warranty coverage.