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Audi RS7 In Review: Power Meets Precision

Contributed By Motor1.com

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Automotive journalist Chris Rosales puts the new Audi RS7 through its paces, delivering insights that balance performance specs with real-world driving experiences. The upgraded RS7 boasts an additional 30 horsepower and 37 lb-ft of torque compared to its predecessor, bringing the performance sedan’s specs to impressive new heights. 

One of the critical areas Audi focused on with this RS7 model was weight reduction, albeit modest. The engineers strategically removed weight from the firewall and rear hatch, not primarily for handling or speed improvements but to enhance the auditory experience inside the cabin. This adjustment allows more engine noise to permeate the interior and has been described as “explosively powerful.”

The handling of the RS7 is characterized by what might seem like a paradox. Rosales asserts that the car handles as though it were equipped with an “anti-gravity device,” suggesting an ease and precision in maneuverability that defies its hefty frame. This sensation is complemented by a suspension that is soft enough to roll around and communicate grip effectively, allowing the car to remain composed over bumps and providing a comfortable ride.

Taking into consideration these impressive technical merits and the luxurious comfort it offers, Rosales says the car checks all the boxes of what a high-performance sedan needs to be—comfortable, fast, and quiet. 

Rosales’ review offers potential buyers and Audi enthusiasts a deeper understanding of the new RS7, not just as a marvel of engineering but as a car that exists in the space between impeccable performance and personal connection. Whether or not this Audi can win the hearts of its drivers may depend on what they seek in their relationship with a car. For those prioritizing power and comfort, the RS7 could be a perfect fit.