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Homegrown Engineering

Contributed By Garagistic

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Garagistic was built upon the sheer passion of working on cars; specifically BMW E30's. Our love lead to a life of building and modifying then tracking and auto-crossing which lead to more modification and building; a vicious cycle really. We at Garagistic have a simple mission really; we are out to make BMW E30's, E36's, E46's, E21's, E24's, and even Datsun S30 a threat to the supercar world. The supercar world will always have beautiful cars, but more often than not, they lack the pride and dedication that goes into modifying and building your own car. We dedicate our efforts to providing parts to the people who build their cars with pride, to those who build with no boundaries, to those who want to compete with the best, and to those who see no limits in what they can build in their own garage.

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Garagistic is your one-stop source for performance BMW parts. The company stands as a beacon of American engineering and manufacturing, specializing in parts for BMW models including the E30, E36, and E46. Garagistic is a beacon of American engineering and manufacturing and their commitment to quality and affordability is a testament to their “Made in the USA” ethos, which they do not take lightly.

Based in Westminster and Huntington Beach, California, Garagistic operates with a deep-rooted belief in the value of local production. All their metals are sourced from local California companies, ensuring that every component is as authentic and homegrown as it gets. The company also prides itself on handling every aspect of the production process in-house—from CNC machining to welding—making certain that each product not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

What sets Garagistic apart is their integration of advanced technology into their production processes. The company utilizes unmanned CNC operations that are nearly fully automated, allowing them to maintain high efficiency and pass significant savings onto their customers. This approach challenges the norm of outsourcing and emphasizes Garagistic’s commitment to keeping their manufacturing stateside.

A unique aspect of their service is the core exchange program, which reflects their dedication to sustainability and customer service. Customers can send in their used parts, which Garagistic then refurbishes and returns, keeping older BMWs roaring on the roads without missing a beat.

Further enhancing their credibility is their uncompromising quality control. Garagistic guarantees that their polyurethane products are free from inclusions and flaws due to their controlled manufacturing process, which includes a specific heat treatment lasting 24 to 48 hours to ensure the material is fully cured at the molecular level. This meticulous attention to detail is why they confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all urethane bushings.

The sales and quality control processes also remain in-house, allowing Garagistic to maintain stringent oversight over every phase of production.  In an industry where cutting corners to increase profit margins is all too common, Garagistic chooses to focus on what truly matters: crafting exemplary products that reflect their passion for cars and commitment to their customers.