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A motorcycle vest won't just make you look tough or a hardcore biker. This piece of garment is like a shield, giving you another layer of protection against the warm rays of the sun, chilling weather outside, dust from the road, mud on the ground, or water from snow or rain. As a biker, you should know the perils on the road and what you have to go through with every motorcycle ride. Keeping that in mind, you must have thought about the motorcycle vests that you can wear on your two-wheel riding adventure.

To help you pick the right stuff, here's a list of the different vests you can choose from:

Leather vest

This type is not just for bad-ass bikers or for sewing patches on. Leather is not just rough and stylish. It can also protect you from abrasion in case you fall off the motorcycle. Or if the weather gets bad, at least you're wearing something other than your shirt for additional protection. If it's a really hot day, this is much better than wearing a leather jacket, which will have you sweating profusely. Leather vests may come with armors for the back and the spine. They may also be worn over a riding gear. The Velcro or straps can be adjusted easily, so you won't have to worry.

Textile vest

Let's face it: not everyone can pull off the leather look, trying to seem tough and strong as a biker. If leather isn't your thing, then the textile type can be the next best thing on your list. This is a little bit more comfortable. Wearing it doesn't make you sweat a lot. Though the fabric is lighter and softer compared to leather, this doesn't mean that it can no longer be used as protective clothing. Textile vests can also protect against abrasion and may be used with an armor that protects the spine. The sealed pockets are neat designs as well. Reflective piping on some textile vests will definitely come handy when riding the motorcycle at night.

Safety vest

If style isn't really your real concern but safety on the road is, especially when riding at night, then you'd want to consider wearing this gear. Having one with bright orange reflection or high-vis yellow accent makes you hard to miss even in pitch-black night. This can provide you with varying levels of torso protection, depending of course on the denier count. You can wear this over your shirt or jacket.

Off-road vest

The harshest riding and driving conditions can be experienced off road. You can be exposed to real heat and would have to ride through dust, mud, water, and dirt. You'd want to ditch the jacket, yet you don't want to be stripped bare of protection. The best gear would be an off-road vest. This may be designed to have a cooling effect, aside from having a lightweight material. If you're exposed to cold temperatures, it's a good thing that heating vests are also available. You can move more freely with this riding gear than with a heavy jacket. Some of these are even designed to keep your arms warm for comfort. Other features include lightweight chest protectors, dirt and stone protectors, and dual density vented foam protectors.


Extreme conditions may call for double protection. Some vests are designed to be worn under a jacket, especially when it's extremely cold. Others may be designed with heating pads or have heat settings that can be easily controlled to get just the right level of warmth that you need. These vests may be made of a lightweight fabric. Other under-vests are used specifically for track racing.