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Visor Light Kit

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A faulty visor light can sometimes be frustrating especially for female drivers. While it doesn't affect the vehicle's performance or your driving safety, you will find this light very handy when you need to apply some make up and make yourself presentable before going out of the car. A malfunctioning visor light also renders the visor mirror useless especially at night.

If you don't want to feel any frustration or you don't like the idea of ignoring a defective component in your ride, you'd better get a visor light kit and have your visor light fixed. The process of bulb replacement is pretty simple and can be done in just a few minutes. What will take some of your time is the process of choosing the right kit for your ride.

Tips in selecting a visor light kit

Choose a light kit that fits both solar and lunar visor.

Just because the ones installed in your ride are sun visors doesn't mean that you are confined to a sun visor light kit. What if one day you decided to outfit your ride with a lunar visor? Save yourself from the hassles of purchasing another kit by choosing one that's designed for both types of visors. This way, you need not purchase a new visor light every time you need to switch from solar to lunar visors or vice versa.

Consider ease of installation.

A working person or a family man like you may not have much spare time for taxing automotive DIY tasks. And in case do you find time, you just want to spend it with your loved ones, right? So when looking for a visor light kit, consider one that comes with mounting hardware to ensure easy installation. It would be a bonus if the kit also includes installation instructions.

Think about style.

Look at the visor lights that are included in the kit. Do they look attractive? Does their design match the overall look of your vehicle's interior? Of course, you don't want to add something that will just spoil the overall design theme of your cabin. So before shelling out money for a new kit, make sure first that the lights included in it will go well with the rest of the accessories and trims inside your vehicle.

Instructions in replacing a visor light bulb

What you'll need:

  • Visor light kit
  • Flat-bladed screwdriver

Step 1: Get into the passenger seat and lower the visor to make the mirror more accessible.

Step 2: With your flat-bladed screwdriver, carefully pry off the light cover located at the top of the mirror. Start prying from the side that's closest to the passenger-side door.

Step 3: Once the cover has been removed, take the bulb out from the inside of the light cover.

Step 4: Get the replacement bulb from your visor light kit and slide it into the light socket. Reinstall the cover in its place on the mirror, beginning from the inside rim.

Step 5: Secure the cover in place by carefully pressing the outer edge into place until it's locked.

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