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JC Whitney keeps you from having to go to different shops just to get premium Volkswagen Parts. So if you need one in a flash, simply pick what you need from our comprehensive catalog. Better yet, give us your vehicle’s make and year and we’ll give you the product that’s compatible with it. All our Volkswagen Parts are backed by a 30-day Guarantee.

Volkswagen Articles

  • Five Latest Tech in Volkswagen Vehicles

    The Beetle, the Hippie Van, the Jetta . these are just some of many reasons why the Volkswagen brand has become a success. Since its inception in 1937, Volkswagen has become one of the most dominant names in the auto industry, establishing a reputation not only for making high-quality automobiles and Volkswagen parts but also for pushing innovations in automotive engineering. And Volkswagen continues this tradition by incorporating the latest in automotive innovations in Volkswagen cars and Volkswagen spare parts, resulting in enhanced performance, safety, functionality, and a more enjoyable driving experience overall.

    If you have just bought or are planning on buying a new Volkswagen vehicle, here are just some of the latest technologies you can expect from its auto lineup.

    The TSI engine

    A common sight in most Volkswagen passenger vehicles, the TSI engine promises to maximize power and fuel efficiency. Based from Volkswagen\'s TDI diesel technology and FSI engines, the TSI engine combines low capacity cylinders, turbochargers, and direct injection to produce a balanced power output. Maximum torque is also made available at low revs, significantly cutting down on fuel consumption and noise levels. In addition, the TSI engine also works well with genuine Volkswagen performance parts, which provide added horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency.

    DSG dual-clutch gearbox

    The DSG dual-clutch gearbox is one of the more significant innovations from Volkswagen, in the sense that it combines the benefits of manual and automatic transmissions. And the technology is rather simple: the gearbox changes automatically into the preselected next gear without interrupting traction. This results in an almost-imperceptible change in the gear as it lasts for only a few hundredths of a second. In addition, the DSG enables the driver to change shifting styles, from driving economically or sportily, for a completely enjoyable driving experience.

    Brake Energy Recuperation

    Another fuel-saving feature from Volkswagen, the Brake Energy Recuperation feature makes use of the vehicle\'s kinetic energy in order to charge the car battery. Energy released during braking is directly stored into the battery, relieving the engine from the burden and thus reducing its fuel consumption. Volkswagen\'s hybrid models, in particular, benefit significantly from this technology as their electric motors serve as the generator when recuperating.


    Car-Net is a collection of Volkswagen\'s apps and services that provides added convenience and comfort while driving. Some of these features include the ability to see the latest changes in traffic as well as access various functions in the car remotely. The service can also sync with selected Volkswagen accessories and gadgets; the App-Connect system, for instance, allows smartphone apps such as MirrorLink, CarPlay, and Android Auto to connect to the infotainment system.


    Volkswagen is well known for the quality of its interior audio systems especially those in high-end models, and this continues with the latest Volkswagen vehicles. Today, Volkswagen cars are fitted with DYNAUDIO and Fender sound systems that offer first-rate sound as well as .individual sound concepts. that allows you to adjust the orientation of all the speakers inside the car in order to achieve a custom audio experience.