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  • Volkswagen GTI: Automatic and Manual Transmission Problems

    The Volkswagen Golf made its first appearance in 1974 when the German manufacturer opted to produce a compact family car. This model continues to roll out from the facilities with already seven generations released across the world. But it was not until 2007 when the Golf GTIoften referred to as the Volkswagen GTIdebuted with a twin-turbocharged engine and a six-speed automatic gearbox. This gearbox, however, had caused different kinds of transmission problems that continue to cost owners thousands for repairs. Here are the common transmission problems you must look out for on a Volkswagen GTI.

    Shifting problems on automatic transmissions

    There have been reports that high-mileage automatic transmissions tend to register shifting problems. Making this matter worse is that it is prevalent across 21 models of the GTI, beginning in the 1990 model year. The GTI shifting problems manifest most when changing gears from the first to the second during quick accelerations. There are also cases when the small family car downshifts, giving a significant change in speed. This downshift occurs more commonly at about 35 mph.

    Volkswagen does not fully recognize this problem, except when the Australian community campaigned for certain Golf GTI models to be recalled due to the transmission problems. In 2014, Volkswagen recalled all Golf models, along with Polo, Golf Wagon, Golf Cabriolet, Passat, and Caddy vehicles, that were manufactured from 2008 to 2012 due to a faulty seven-speed direct-shift gearbox. This followed the recall of the six-speed direct-shift gearbox in 2009 still in Australia. Unfortunately for Volkswagen GTI owners outside Australia, no recalls have been made. Therefore, replacing the transmission is the best option to repair the issue with the automatic transmission. Also, downloading the latest software can help improve the Tiptronic transmission.

    Reverse failures and noise on manual transmissions

    The Volkswagen GTI also has problems with its manual transmissions. This time, though, the effects persist when making a reverse. Often, if you have a faulty direct-shift gearbox, it would be difficult to reverse due to certain reverse gear failures caused by the transmission system. GTI owners also complain about the noise heard when shifting gears or making a reverse, if the direct -shift gearbox permits so in the first place. This problem also occurs across a wide range of GTI models, starting with the 1990 model year.

    Repairing the transmission will solve these problems, but keep in mind that this procedure can be too costly. Moreover, buying a new one to replace the faulty transmission on your vehicle will just about yield the same expenses.

    \'Sealed for life\' automatic transmission fluid

    One of the factors that can cause transmission problems is Volkswagen\'s belief that its automatic transmission fluid must not be replaced. Unfortunately, metal bits and other contaminants do tend to accumulate inside the transmissions, and flushing the fluid out is the only way to get rid of these. Otherwise, these particles can settle on the aluminum alloy pistons, causing further problems with the transmission in the long run. Volkswagen's design, which involves an exclusive special pump for the drain level configuration, ensures that the transmission fluid will not be changed.