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Fact: A Volvo driver is a smart driver. And if you’re a Volvo driver who wants style and function in addition to the extreme durability of your vehicle, you came to the right place for Volvo Parts. With our 30-day Guarantee, you’ll feel as safe shopping here as when you’re driving your sturdy car. Go ahead and browse our catalog to begin your search.

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  • Three Words That Drive Volvo Today

    Since 1927, Volvo has been one of the European leaders in automobiles, producing cars, buses, and other vehicles of exceptional quality and reliability. And most of Volvo\'s success lies with its dedication to produce Volvo parts that utilize the best materials and technologies available as well as adapting to the needs of the times.

    The following are the three key words that encompass the Volvo philosophy in its cars today.


    In recent years, Volvo has made it its advocacy to achieve an environmentally sustainable driving without compromising power, efficiency, and comfort. This led to several Volvo parts being incorporated into the brand\'s vehicles that make them both more energy-efficient and produce less emissions compared to competing vehicles of similar specifications. The most prominent of which is the Drive-E powertain, which is found in the latest Volvo models and effectively combines the low-fuel consumption and emissions of a four-cylinder engine with the superior handling and performance of a V6 or V8 powertrain. The Drive-E does this by optimizing shift points and throttle response as well as automatically disengaging the engine clutch to reduce engine braking and engine stop-start functions.

    For its hybrid lineup, Volvo utilizes the Twin Engine petrol plug-in hybrid system, which allows the driver to switch between driving modes tailored for distinct driving conditions. The Power driving mode, for instance, consumes gasoline for a sporty, quick response from the engine, while the Eco mode only uses the electric motor and produces zero emissions. Volvo hybrid owners can also choose to use both the gasoline and electric motors in parallel for optimized performance depending on the terrain.

    Other eco-friendly features found in current Volvo models include the CleanZone active carbon filter and the ECO-climate air conditioning optimization system.


    Safety is another key priority from Volvo, which has vowed to have zero injuries or fatalities in its cars by 2020. To achieve this, Volvo utilizes its signature Intellisafe system, a collection of advanced Volvo parts and features that help prevent accidents and protect the driver and passengers should one occurs. Some of these features are preventative, such as adaptive cruise control, the Active High Beam that automatically dims the headlights in the presence of pedestrians, parking assist systems, and a series of cameras and alarms to keep the driver alert and aware of his vehicle at all times. Other features, on the other hand, are meant to provide protection in the event of an actual collision, such as a pedestrian airbag . the first of its kind . and an extra strong boron steel alloy safety cage that disperses the energy away from the passenger cabin during a crash.


    Interconnectivity is a must in today\'s increasingly wired . and wireless . world, and in response, Volvo has developed the Sensus system. Described as keeping the driver connected for a superior experience on the road, the Sensus is a collection of features specifically designed to allow the driver to control and personalize every aspect of the drive. These include streaming music and audiobooks through the Sensus interface, connect to the car\'s built in wi-fi system, or sync the car with smartphones and electronic Volvo accessories for the ultimate convenience, security, and safety.