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Volvo S60 Parts And Volvo S60 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Volvo S60 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Volvo S60 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Volvo S60 Parts

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  • Volvo S60: Common Transmission Problems and Solutions

    The Volvo S60 is a compact executive car manufactured from 2000 up until the present. This small and smart looking sedan is well known for its great stereo, sleek Swedish design, Scandinavian design aesthetic, and ergonomics and orthopedically designed seats. Regardless of its size, this unique sedan strikes one as more functional than luxurious in its character. Problems, however, can still crop up in your Volvo S60 over time.

    Difficulty in changing gears

    If you are experiencing a difficulty in changing gears or lack of response, then your car might be suffering from transmission problems. Check your clutch immediately if it needs replacing; but if your clutch is in good condition, then the problem lies elsewhere. Try to check your transmission fluid as well. Low level of transmission fluid can result in difficulty in changing gears. Make sure to maintain the right level of fluid to avoid transmission problems. Correct thickness and consistency is also important when choosing the right fluid for your Volvo S60.

    Adjust your clutch linkage or shift cables if needed. Try resetting your car\'s computer because sometimes the source of this problem is from the computer system. Do this by detaching the battery for at least thirty minutes, then reattach it again and allow the system to reset itself. If resetting your Volvo\'s computer system won\'t fix this problem, then you probably need to see a mechanic.

    Whining sound and shaking

    If you hear a humming, buzzing, or whining sound from your Volvo S60, then it is probably an obvious sign of a transmission failure. A constraint to the flow of the fluid in the filter can cause this kind of noise. Check if the filter is clogged with debris. If your transmission filter is clogged, then you have to clean it at once to prevent serious problems. But if it is beyond cleaning, then you\'d better replace the filter or the bearings to prevent extensive damage. Dot not use your vehicle if you hear this kind of noise; instead, let a mechanic check your vehicle and provide a better diagnosis and solutions.

    Your vehicle should not grind and shake if it is in good shape. Once you notice a grinding and shaking after shifting or engaging the clutch, inspect your clutch right away. Adjust and replace your clutch if necessary. Correct thickness and proper level fluid are also essential. Low fluid level and incorrect thickness and consistency can result in difficulty of changing gears that can probably lead to grinding and shaking.

    Burning smell

    One cause of this unpleasant burning smell is when your transmission fluid is overheating. This happens when the transmission fluid breaks down, the system will run too hot. This will result in increased friction, corrosive activity, and build up of additional sludge and debris. You must take appropriate action when you notice this burning smell in order to avoid total damage on your transmission system. And when topping off fluid, always choose a high-quality transmission fluid that is recommended for your Volvo S60.