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Volvo V70 Parts And Volvo V70 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Volvo V70 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Volvo V70 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Volvo V70 Parts

Volvo V70 Articles

  • Eliminating Gear Shifting Problems in Your Volvo V70

    A faulty automatic transmission can be troublesome at the least and expensive at worst. So if you\'re starting to experience erratic gear shifts with your Volvo V70 then you better take action immediately as it can only be a sign of a serious underlying problem. Don\'t let a simple transmission issue turn into a complete transmission failure, which is not only troublesome, but can also become a very expensive replacement job.

    Replenishing the transmission fluid on time

    When your automatic transmission starts acting up, it may only be because of the transmission fluid. It\'s possible that you just forgot that it\'s already time to replenish it that\'s why the transmission is malfunctioning because of the contaminants that are currently circulating your transmission system. Check up on the transmission fluid and if it has already turned brown from its former red color then it\'s definitely time to flush it out and replace it.

    Don\'t forget to check for leaks in your transmission as it can cause serious mechanism issue. If the transmission fluid gets too low because of the leak then your gear shifting would definitely become difficult. And while you\'re at it, don\'t forget to check up on the filter too. If it has gotten clogged then pressure flow becomes restricted which may result to hard shifting.

    Updating the transmission software

    Volvo has already given out several technical service bulletins regarding the need for a transmission software update. If you still find gear shifting difficult after transmission fluid flushes, then you better try updating the software before even considering taking your transmission system apart and replacing some components.

    Conducting a transmission software update can\'t exactly be done at your own garage as it would need a professional to properly install it. The shift adaptation also needs to be reset after the transmission software has been updated. And that\'s another thing that should be left only to a professional mechanic or technician. Avoid incurring more transmission issues and just bring your Volvo to a Volvo repair shop or a highly reputable auto shop to get the software updated.

    Checking the transmission vacuum

    If you\'re still having a hard time shifting gears after the transmission software has already been updated, then it may already be time to take a closer look on the components of your transmission system. The way your vehicle shifts depends on the vacuum modulator connected to your transmission housing. There is a small diaphragm on the modulator, which has a vacuum line for receiving vacuum coming from the intake manifold. It is crucial that this vacuum line remains tightly intact at its connection point to avoid shifting problems. And since you still can\'t shift gears properly, then you might want to inspect the vacuum line, as well as the modulator for possible wear, damage, blockage, or misalignment. Check the condition of the diaphragm inside the modulator as well since its failure can also contribute to shifting problems. Too little vacuum can cause your vehicle to have abrupt shifts, while too much vacuum may cause flaring shifts.