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Add life to your otherwise boring ride with Westin. Choose from the many cool add-ons you can get for your ride. Now available at JC Whitney with an accompanying 30-day Guarantee! You’ll never have to worry about the condition of the product that will be delivered to you. We have always provided excellent customer service. Our track record for over 90 years can prove that.

Westin Brand Articles

  • Westin: The Brand You Can Trust for World-Class Truck's and SUV's Lifestyle Products

    Just when you think that your SUV has got it all-functionality of a pickup truck as well as comfort and convenience of a passenger vehicle- you\'ll suddenly realize that you need or want more from it. Whether it be added convenience when you\'re climbing up the cabin, a tougher or more handsome look for your rig, or additional functionality, Westin Automotive has got the right accessories to help you achieve that and make your rig the perfect vehicle for you.

    Westin\'s past and present

    Westin has been in the automotive industry for 38 years, and while it is now among the world\'s leading providers of trucks and SUV lifestyle products, its journey to success was never that easy. Being in the industry that\'s been plagued by global crisis just a couple of years ago, Westin has surely had its fair share of downfalls. But this brand always manages to bounce back stronger because of its unwavering dedication to quality and its philosophy that products for utilitarian vehicles should not only look great but should also last long, fit well, and work efficiently. Every Westin product is crafted with care and with careful consideration to the needs of its target market.

    Today, with its largest selection of aftermarket products and its more than 3,000 individual SKUs, Westin has positioned itself as the number 1 source for your SUV, truck, towing, Jeep, and commercial fleet needs as well as for LED lighting solutions.

    Its winning formula

    Westin\'s secrets to staying afloat in the ever competitive automotive world aren\'t a secret at all. Backed by its almost four decades of industry experience, Westin makes sure that it can always come up competitively priced, premium-quality products. It also ensures customer satisfaction by providing its customers with all the details they need to come up with an informed purchasing decision. Such information includes features and benefits of the products, materials making them up, finish or color options, and details about warranty. Also, with its proven track record of over 90% consistent fill rates, customers and auto-parts distributors know that they can always rely on Westin to provide them with their auto-part needs anytime. And this leads to a growing number of loyal repeat customers and new ones.

    Within its organization, Westin ensures that there\'s streamlined data organization for smooth product flow; it also offers authorized dealer program.

    Its world-class products

    This brand can be your partner in giving your vehicle its own unique persona as it offers a complete line of accessories for SUVs, pickup trucks, and off-road rigs. If you\'re making it all-set for some hardcore off-road adventures, Westin can provide you with reliable winches and winch accessories, off-road lights, light guards and covers, brackets, and a lot more. It also has a full line of towing accessories for people to want to make their rig more functional by doing some towing tasks.

    Make climbing into and getting out of your vehicle\'s cabin less of a hassle by providing an extra step through the addition of Westin\'s nerf step bars, running boards or running boards. You can also give your vehicle\'s front an extra line of defense by putting in a bull bar or grille guard, bug shield, and bumper accessories. Other notable Westin products are wind deflectors, light bars, tool boxes, bed rails, tailgate caps, bed mats, floor mats, and hood scoops.