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Is it now time to replace your old wheel center caps? Or do you think their design no longer goes well with your ride's new custom look? You'd better have your wheels outfitted with a new set of nice-looking aftermarket wheel center caps. To do this, you have to first get rid of the old ones.

There are two ways to remove an old wheel center cap.through a removal tool that's specifically designed for center caps or by means of a tire iron. To help make your DIY project faster and easier, here are the steps on how to remove the cap and how to install a new one:

Removing the old cap using a removal tool

Step 1: Decide which wheel you want to work on first and go in front of that wheel. Observe how the center cap is installed in place. If it has pin holes, simply insert the tip of the removal tool into one of the pinholes and lift the cap off the wheel. Do this slowly but firmly. The cap should at least come a bit loose after this step.

Step 2: Slide the tip of the removal tool in between the edge of the center cap and the wheel. If the cap doesn't give, try doing this again using two removal tools inserted on opposite sides of the cap. Pry the cap out. A stubborn cap requires some amount of force to come off.

Tip: To properly carry out this step, always use a removal tool designed for center caps. While your flathead screwdrivers can do the task, these tools can damage the wheel.

If the cap still refuses to detach from the wheel, try to use a tire iron.

Removing a center cap using a tire iron

Step 1: Use a tire iron to loosen the lug nuts on the wheel. Raise the wheel off the ground using a car jack.

Tip: Check your owner's manual to know the vehicle's safe and appropriate jacking points.

Step 2: Still using the tire iron, remove the loosened lug nuts and pull the wheel off the vehicle.

Step 3: From the back side of the wheel, tap out the stubborn cap with the tire iron until it comes off.

Installing the new center cap

Step 1: Put the retention ring inside the cap. It should fit snugly as there will be no clips or screws to hold it in place. The ring is usually sold along with the cap as it is the one responsible in securing the cap into the center of the wheel.

Step 2: Position the cap over the hole in the center of the wheel.

Step 3: If you've taken the wheel off the vehicle, you need to put it back in place before working on the cap of the next wheel.

Repeat the removal and installation process for the rest of the wheels. If you think the aftermarket custom wheel center caps you've just installed can be hot targets for thieves, you can keep them from being stolen by using a locking mechanism.