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Wheel spacers are round metal pieces that are placed between the wheel and the hub. They create a bigger space between the wheel and the auto body. There are basically two types of wheel spacers.spacers that slip over the factory-installed studs or lug bolts and those that are bolted to the hub while the wheels are bolted to the spacers. Adding wheel spacers on your vehicle definitely comes with more than a few benefits, and also some slight disadvantages.

Benefits of using a wheel spacer

Wheel spacers are used for a variety of reasons. Here's why you may want to seriously consider adding them:

Great solutions to fitment problems

If the wheels don't come with the right offset, car owners may turn to wheel spacers as a way to fix the fitment issue. These spacers help make the necessary adjustments so that the wheels will fit better on the vehicle. The spacers also make perfect sense when wheels somehow get in the way of suspension or interfere on the auto body work. By putting some distance between the wheels and the auto body, this problem can be settled . Beware, however, that by adding some spacers, the wheels might be too near the fender lips and the auto body work surrounding the fender openings, causing some interference. Make the necessary adjustments to avoid this.

Enhanced vehicle handling

Wheel spacer sets can enhance vehicle handling in a lot of ways. With spacers going in-between the wheels and the hubs, the wheels are further away from the chassis of the vehicle. The wider track allows for better grip when cornering, making it easier and faster to maneuver the vehicle when turning around a corner. When adjusting the balance of car handling, car owners turn to wheels spacers. For instance, they can use these spacers on rear wheels to have better grip from the rear.

Improved vehicle appearance

A wheel spacer can also improve vehicle aesthetics, giving the vehicle a much better stance and a more aggressive look. Spacers are actually used on many Porsches for a more domineering vehicle look, aside from better handling. It's actually nice to see wheels slightly peeking out of the auto body work's edge. Choose the right size or width of wheel spacers so that the wheels won't jut out of the auto body too much.

Some things to consider when using a wheel spacer

The use of wheel spacers may come with slight disadvantages. Here are some things to consider before you add them to your vehicle:

Accelerated wear on some components

When wheel spacers are added, these may potentially cause suspension and hub components to wear out faster because of the added stress on parts like the wheel bearing, axles, and hubs. Stress can be brought about by the increased distance of the wheels from the hub and chassis.

Heavier steering

With spacers between the wheels and chassis or auto body, there's a wider track to cover. While this improves the vehicle's cornering, this may also result in heavier steering. However, difficulty in turning the steering wheel depends on the size or width of the wheel spacer used. Smaller spacers won't have that much effect compared to wider spacers.