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Getting your vehicle a new wheel trim ring can be pure fun.there are tons of designs to choose from in the market, making it easy for you to improve the look of your ride. However, this component is not just a simple decorative piece. In fact, it can offer your vehicle an added level of protection that you'll surely love. Typically made of metal or ABS plastic, wheel trim rings not only cover the hub cap section of the wheel, but they also serve as a protective layer that allows your wheels to keep dirt and debris out. You see, there's a small gap between the tires and the wheels that will eventually accumulate dirt if left unchecked. If you want to minimize your worries as you drive, getting a trim for your wheels will definitely help and as a bonus, you also get to customize the look of your vehicle. If you're planning to buy a trim ring for your ride, here are some of things that you need to know about this component.

Getting the Right Wheel Trim Ring


You can get trim rings in sets, but they are also sold individually. So whether you're going to buy new ones for all four wheels of your vehicle or if you just need a replacement piece for one of your wheels, you'll surely find something that will cater to your needs. To make sure you get a good trim for your ride, you need to be prepared to spend around $50 to $100.


To find out the wheel trim ring size that will fit your ride, start by inspecting one of your car's tires. Check the sidewall of your wheels and look for its identifying code. This is typically a series of letters and numbers. Once you've located the code, take a look the two-digit number after the letter .R.. This number should be between 13 and 18, and it is the measurement of your wheels in inches.


You'll find a wide variety of designs available today so it may be hard to choose one for your vehicle. Just make sure that you choose a product that will match the overall look of your ride. To make things easier, you can buy neutral ones that are easy to fit.

Cleaning a Chrome Wheel Trim Ring

Chrome is perhaps one of the most common trims around because it is easy to match with any vehicle. Leaving your chrome trims dirty can cause them to get damaged. To prevent this, don't forget to clean them on a regular basis. Here's how:

Step 1: To begin, use soap and water with a sponge to wash the chrome trim. Make sure you scrub the component to remove its accumulated dirt and debris.

Step 2: After washing it, use a lint-free towel to dry it up. As soon as it's dry, use an applicator to polish the chrome component.

Step 3: Lastly, after polishing the wheel trim ring, you need to use a rag to buff it and make it shiny.