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Winch Accessory Kit

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Aside from your sense of adventure and a well-prepped ride, you need a winch accessory kit whenever you take your 4x4 or Jeep on an off-road trip. This kit is an essential safety accessory that allows you to recover your own or another driver's vehicle in case it gets stuck in the mud or a ditch. It's basically meant to allow you to attach the winch to your vehicle as safely as possible.

What should the winch accessory kit include?

  • Finger saver . This is a bent rod that lets you insert the wire on the spool without getting your digits pulled into the rollers.
  • Shackles . Shackles are what you need in order to connect the different parts of the winch kit onto your vehicle.
  • Safety gloves . Because you'll be dealing with heavy equipment and wires that can easily cut skin, you'll need safety gloves to protect your hands.
  • Pulley block . This accessory is designed to increase a winch's pulling power or decrease the load on the winch.
  • Tree strap . This strap lets you safely use a tree as an anchor to pull up a vehicle without damaging the wire or killing the tree.
  • Carrying bag . A lot of kits come with this bag, which basically keeps your winch accessories organized inside the vehicle.

How to use the winch accessory kit for rigging?

If your kit is complete, it's time to familiarize yourself with the different rigging techniques or ways to attach the winch to recover your own or another vehicle. The basic rigging lines are the following:

  • Single line . Pull the line or cable to the anchor point. Secure it in place with a shackle, a strap, or a combination of these two accessories. You can anchor the vehicle onto a vehicle or a tree. Then lock the clutch, link the remote, and tighten the cable. Once the cable is pretty tight, cover it with a coat or blanket to prevent accidents in case the cable snaps. Once the cable is properly rigged, winch the vehicle to be rescued with a series of short, controlled pulls as you operate the recovery rig.
  • Double line . If you need more pulling power, you need to use a pulley or snatch block. To use this, you'll need a double-line rig. Link the block onto the anchor point, and pull the winch cable around the block and onto the recovery rig.
  • Triple line . This is similar to the double line, but this time you'll be using two anchor points and two pulley blocks. Make sure that there's a 90-degree angle between the 1st anchor and the winch.

Some safety tips

  • Before a trip, inspect your winch accessory kit and see if all the components are in top shape. Same goes with the winch. Frayed cables and rusty shackles need to be replaced because they can easily break or snap when applied with tremendous pressure or load.
  • If you've never rigged a winch before, make sure you practice first with the different basic techniques. Winching requires professional skills since improper use can lead to fatal injuries or accidents.