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The glass on your car windows easily rolls up and down without so much of a noise or a rattle. When the windows are closed, cool or warm air from the blowers easily circulate within the cabin. Water from melted snow, rain, or mud splash from outside also doesn't get into the car. You can enjoy all these because your car has a great window channel set. These channels guide the glass in moving up and down the track in the window. By minimizing friction, they help facilitate the smooth movement of the glass. They also provide good insulation, keeping warm or cool air circulating inside the car, instead of leaking out the tiny gaps in the window. In the same manner, they also prevent water from getting through the car interior.

Unfortunately, the seams of the channel may eventually tear apart or break when the sheet metal flexes. You have to reseal the seam in the channel. Here's how you can do just that:

Repairing a window channel with broken seams

Step 1: Use soap and water to get rid of dirt or clean out any deposit stuck in the channel.

Step 2: Wipe the channel dry using a lint-free towel or cloth.

Step 3: Put some sealer on the seams of the channel. Cover all areas with cracks, dents, or any form of damage. Use your fingers to evenly apply the sealer across the seams.

Step 4: Let the seam sealer dry for at least 24 hours. During that time, don't let water run through it so that the sealer will be properly cured. Once the sealer has dried, check the seams for visible cracks. Also see if the window channel works. Roll the windows up and down and see if the glass glides smoothly or makes any rattle or noise.

When to replace a window channel

If the sealer can no longer fix the cracks and other forms of damage on the channel, replacing it is the best solution here. This is the only way to stop strong winds and rain from rattling the window. Replacing the worn-out channel will also make sure that the glass will be secured properly or held in place even when the car has to drive through bumps, potholes, and a lot of irregularities or harsh conditions on the road. When dirt and moisture have already cracked the rubber covering or have seeped through the channel and have corroded the steel base, then you should remove the broken window component and have a new channel installed in its place.

Tips for buying a window channel replacement

  • The channel can be bought in a set for both sides or can be sold individually. When getting a replacement, make sure that it's for the right application (front and/or rear) or location of the window (passenger and/or driver side).
  • The channel should fit into the window perfectly. Window channels are fitted differently on various vehicle models. To get the perfect replacement, shop by year, make, and model of your vehicle. The body style number of the vehicle will come handy as well.
  • The channels you'll find may come with various designs and features and come in various price points. Don't be afraid to shop around and compare to grab the best deals.