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A window louver is a handy accessory for car owners who want to lower down the temperature inside the cabin. Similar to window blinds, the louver is attached to the outside part of the window and keeps sunlight away from the cabin. While many types are used for this purpose, some louver styles are merely for decoration. If you're planning on equipping your ride with this accessory, here are some factors worth considering:

Installation method: adhesive strips, hook-and-loop, or screws?

Depending on its design and style, a window louver can be installed with adhesive tapes, hook-and-loop fasteners, and screws. If you want something that's very easy to install, then go for a louver that you can attach with adhesive strips. If you want something more reliable, then go for either a hook-and-loop or screw-on louver.

Louver vents: open or closed?

A louver with closed vents is mainly used for quarter side windows since this type won't allow you to see outside the window. If you want a louver that can limit the amount of sunlight going in but not your visibility, then go for open vents.

Maintenance: How do you clean the glass and surface underneath?

The most common problem car owners face when dealing with a window louver is how to clean the glass underneath. If your louver was installed using screws or adhesive strips, you might need to unscrew the cover or get new stick-on strips whenever you want to give the glass underneath a thorough cleaning. In some cases, you might not be able to remove the adhesive foam strips because some types aren't meant to be removed every now and then; in a worst-case scenario, doing so might damage your car's paint job. If the louver was attached using hook-and-loop fasteners, this type can be easily removed without using a tool so you could give the glass a proper wash.

Now if you don't want to or can't easily remove an open-vent window louver for cleaning, you can:

1. Invest in a spray bottle.

To give the window and the louver a thorough cleaning, mix some water and car soap and put some inside a spray bottle. Then squirt some of the mixture onto the vents and the glass underneath. Let the soap mixture strip off the dirt and grime from the surface for a few minutes. To rinse off, get another spray bottle with plain water inside. Spray it on the surface of the vents and underneath until every trace of soap is removed. Pay special attention to the spaces underneath the vents since dirt and soap residues can easily accumulate.

2. Get rid of dirt with a portable air compressor.

An air compressor is a helpful tool when dealing with a non-removable, open-vent rear or side window louver. Simply use the air from the compressor to push out dirt and dust from those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies underneath.

Cleaning the glass and surface under a louver can get a little tricky. But with the right tools, you should be able to keep your louver-covered windows nice and clean.