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Windshield and Mounting Kit

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If you're sick and tired of dealing with wind, rain, and bugs slapping your face or your helmet whenever you're on the freeway, you need to install a windshield and mounting kit on your bike. This accessory may not be the coolest-looking add-on, but it sure offers plenty of benefits. With the right windshield, you'll enjoy better protection against rain, wind, and flying bugs that can mess up your helmet. Fortunately, finding the right windshield kit for your ride is easy. Just check out these tips:

Take note of a windshield's fit and height.

In order for a windshield to properly do its job, it has to perfectly match your ride's specs. A windshield that's too short or tall or doesn't snugly fit into your motorcycle's handle bars is more of a nuisance. An ideal windshield height is one that lets you see the road clearly while keeping your face well protected. If you have a touring or cruising bike, the glass should come up to your nose's tip whenever you're sitting upright. This height allows enough slip stream to effectively prevent bug debris from hitting your face and chest.

Choose the most appropriate installation option.

Depending on your preference and ride specs, you basically have two options when shopping for a windshield and mounting kit: bolt-on or mount-on. A bolt-on kit is a more permanent option since you'd have to drill holes on the handlebars. However, if you don't want to drill holes or if the handlebars aren't tubular and can't handle drilling, a windshield and mounting kit is a good option. With this kit, you simply have to attach the mounting hardware onto the handlebars to install the windshield.

Get a windshield kit that will perfectly fit over the headlight.

Because motorcycle headlights come in all shapes and sizes, finding a windshield that will fit just right can get tricky. A tip is to measure the headlight's diameter first before going to an accessories shop. This way, you'll know beforehand if a windshield is compatible with your bike's headlight.

Installing a windshield and mounting kit

If you've chosen a kit that comes with mounting hardware, installing it is very easy. Simply follow the steps below (Instructions may not be specific to your ride, so check with your bike manual):

  • Remove fasteners and connecting bolts that link a part of the handlebars together. This is where you'll basically mount the windshield.
  • Place the windshield in between the handlebars. Make sure that the holes on the glass are aligned with the fastener holes.
  • Screw the old fasteners or the hardware included in the mounting kit in place, this time with the windshield in between. In most cases, you just need to screw the fasteners back in place with a screwdriver.
  • Attach the brackets that usually come with a windshield and mounting kit. These brackets add a more secure hold by attaching the sides of the windshield onto the handlebars.
  • Make sure to follow manufacturer's instructions to a T when installing the hardware to make sure the windshield is properly secured in place. Screws shouldn't be too tight or loose to prevent damaging the windshield glass.