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Playlist: Garage Jams

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“Garage Jams”  – Turn up the volume with “Garage Jams,” a playlist made for those timeless moments spent wrenching on old cars with family. This mix dives into a treasure trove of lesser-known hits from various decades, offering a blend of tunes that were once chart-toppers in their day. It’s the perfect backdrop for passing down knowledge, sharing stories, and enjoying quality time together around a shared passion for cars.

“Green Onions” – Booker T. & the M.G.’s: An instrumental classic that sets a cool, working rhythm in the garage.  

“Vehicle” – The Ides of March: A brassy, bold tune that mirrors the excitement of car restoration.  

“Hitchin’ a Ride” – Vanity Fare: A cheerful, upbeat track for those moments of progress and success.  

“Let’s Work Together” – Canned Heat: An anthem for teamwork and collaboration, perfect for family bonding over car parts.  

“Driver’s Seat” – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears: Captures the essence of hitting the road after a successful fix-up, with a catchy, driving beat.  

“Radar Love” – Golden Earring: A rock classic with a steady beat that’s great for getting into the work groove.  

“Stuck in the Middle with You” – Stealers Wheel: This song’s laid-back vibe is ideal for a relaxed, fun atmosphere in the garage.  

“Black Betty” – Ram Jam: A high-energy rock track that can boost morale and energy during those long restoration sessions. 

“Mustang Sally” – Wilson Pickett: A soulful tribute to one of the most iconic cars ever made, inspiring work on a classic.  

“Golden Years” – David Bowie: A smooth, funky tune to remind you of the good times and the legacy of classic cars.  

“Little Deuce Coupe” – The Beach Boys: Celebrates car culture in a way that no garage playlist would be complete without. 

“Born to Be Wild” – Steppenwolf: Captures the freedom and adventure that comes with the open road after project completion.  

“Route 66” – Bobby Troup: A timeless classic that inspires dreams of future journeys.  

“Maybellene” – Chuck Berry: Adds a fast-paced rhythm to match the excitement of a well-oiled machine.  

“Freeway of Love” – Aretha Franklin: Makes every garage session feel like a joyous celebration.  

“CrossTown Traffic” – Jimi Hendrix: Propels you through garage challenges with its infectious energy.  

“Arrested For Driving While Blind” – ZZ Top: Adds humor and groove to your garage activities.  

“Willin'” – Little Feat: Ideal for reflecting on long journeys taken with loved ones.  

“Drive My Car” – The Beatles: Puts a smile on your face as you share car wisdom with family.  

“Road Runner” – Bo Diddley: The infectious beat and playful lyrics keep you moving along.  

“Crossroads” – Cream: Captures the determination to navigate any mechanical challenge.  

“Mercury Blues” – El Rayo-X: Celebrates car culture through its lively rhythm and lyrics.  

“Graceland” – Paul Simon: Reflects the idea of passing down car culture through storytelling.  

“Rumble” – Link Wray: Instrumental with a raw energy that fuels the creative garage spirit.  

“Mercedes Benz” – Janis Joplin: Adds humor and nostalgia while working on your dream vehicle.  

“Truckin'” – Grateful Dead: Encapsulates the joy of road trips and car tinkering alike.  

“Runaround Sue” – Dion: Invokes the joy of cruising around, sharing laughs with family.  

“Thumbelina” – The Pretenders: Keeps your spirits high with its catchy melody.  

“Call Me The Breeze” – J.J. Cale: Offers a relaxed groove that helps the work in the garage flow.  

“Ride Like The Wind” – Christopher Cross: A classic road trip anthem that keeps you motivated.  

“Memphis In The Morning” – John Hiatt: Adds a soulful touch to reflect on past journeys.  

“Dead Man’s Curve” – Jan and Dean: Warns of the dangers but celebrates the thrill of cruising.