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Playlist: Soulful Streets

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Soulful Streets – Set the mood for a night out with “Soulful Streets,” your playlist for those evenings at an intimate speakeasy. This collection combines the sultry sounds of jazz, deep grooves of soul, and a touch of inspirational tunes to get you in the right mindset for a sophisticated, relaxed night. Whether you’re enjoying smooth cocktails or making deep connections, let this playlist be your key to a night filled with subtle excitement and timeless allure. It’s more than background music; it’s your journey into the heart of a moody spirit.

“Generique” – Miles Davis: A moody piece perfect for night drives, from the soundtrack of “Ascenseur pour l’échafaud”.

“Untitled Original 11386” – John Coltrane: A hidden gem released posthumously that showcases Coltrane’s genius, adding depth to any jazz driving playlist.

“Functional” – Thelonious Monk: An introspective and captivating solo piano piece, great for reflective drives.

“Interplay” – Bill Evans: The playful interaction between musicians on this title track from the album “Interplay” makes it a delightful driving companion.

“Conversation” – Charles Mingus: Highlights Mingus’s compositional brilliance and depth, a less-known track that enriches any jazz collection for the road.

“Hamba Nami” – Cannonball Adderley: From the album “Domination”, this journey-like track is perfect for the road, showcasing Adderley’s compelling delivery.

“Quasar” – Herbie Hancock: A fusion B-side from “Crossings”, showcasing Hancock’s innovative approach to jazz, ideal for those seeking a vibrant driving soundtrack.

“Bluette” – Dave Brubeck: A somewhat overlooked piece in Brubeck’s catalog that’s delightful and perfect for cruising.

“Cheese Cake” – Dexter Gordon: Lesser-known but a fantastic groove that’s great for cruising, showing off Gordon’s smooth style.

“Poinciana (Live)” – Ahmad Jamal: While not a B-side, this live version is mesmerizing and often overshadowed by studio recordings, making it a hidden gem for driving playlists.

“Feeling Good” – Nina Simone: Start your night with this powerful, uplifting classic that’s sure to set a high note.

“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong: Let Satchmo’s gravelly voice and optimistic lyrics add a touch of warmth to your evening.

“Fly Me To The Moon” – Frank Sinatra: No speakeasy playlist would be complete without a bit of Sinatra’s timeless charm.

“L-O-V-E” – Nat King Cole: Cole’s smooth delivery and the song’s lighthearted lyrics are perfect for a night of sophisticated leisure.

“Take Five” – Dave Brubeck: This iconic jazz piece, with its unmistakable rhythm, is ideal for sipping your cocktail and soaking in the vibe.

“At Last” – Etta James: Etta’s powerful voice and the romantic undertones of this classic will add a touch of magic to your night.

“Moondance” – Van Morrison: A jazzy, upbeat track that’s sure to get your feet tapping and your mood lifted.

“Green Onions” – Booker T. & the M.G.’s: For a bit of instrumental soul that’s as cool as the drink in your hand.

“Ain’t No Sunshine” – Bill Withers: This soulful, melancholic tune is perfect for reflective moments or a late-night wind-down.

“Smooth Operator” – Sade: Sade’s silky voice and the smooth saxophone are a match made in speakeasy heaven.

“In the Mood” – Glenn Miller Orchestra: Get in the swing of things with this big band classic that’s bound to boost your spirits.

“Summertime” – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: The dreamy collaboration between Fitzgerald and Armstrong is the perfect backdrop for night of relaxation and conversation.

“I Put a Spell On You” – Nina Simone: Another Simone classic that brings an enchanting, slightly mysterious vibe to your playlist.

“The Thrill Is Gone” – B.B. King: Let the king of blues serenade you with his guitar, Lucille, as you delve deeper into the night.

“Don’t Know Why” Nora Jones – This track has a timeless quality to it that transcends generations and musical trends, blending of jazz, pop, and blues for a classic sound that remains relevant.

“Brown Sugar” – D’Angelo: With its smooth blend of soul, funk, and R&B elements, the song’s lyrics are sensual and evoke themes of love, desire, and attraction.

“Quiet Village” – Martin Denny: The song perfectly embodies the escapist and atmospheric qualities of exotica, transporting listeners to a tranquil and idyllic tropical setting through its evocative melodies and exotic instrumentation.

“I Showed Them” – Cal Tjader: “I Showed Them” showcases Tjader’s mastery of rhythm and melody, with his vibraphone playing at the forefront.

“Air on a G String” – Wendy Carlos: Carlos’ rendition of “Air on a G String” retains the beauty and elegance of the original composition while adding a modern twist with the synthesizer instrumentation. 

“What a Little Moonlight Can Do” – Billie Holiday: “The song’s lyrics describe the transformative power of moonlight and its ability to create a romantic atmosphere, setting the stage for love and enchantment.”

“Am I asking too much” – Dinah Washington: The lyrics delve into themes of longing, loneliness, and the quest for affection, all delivered with Washington’s distinctive vocal style and emotional depth.

“Crazy Rhythm” – Buddy Cole: “Crazy Rhythm” is characterized by its lively tempo, syncopated rhythms, and catchy melody. It has remained popular among jazz musicians and audiences for its infectious energy and improvisational possibilities.

“Slow Hot Wind” – Sarah Vaughan: The lyrics evoke images of a sultry, tropical atmosphere, with themes of desire and longing woven throughout. 

“Tears Run Dry” – Abraham Alexander: The track continues in the vein of Alexander’s soulful and emotive style, exploring themes of love, loss, and resilience.

“Cry Me a River” – Dinah Washington: Its soulful melody and emotional lyrics can create a nostalgic and reflective atmosphere, perfect for long drives through scenic landscapes. 

“Route 66″ – Nat King Cole: ​​The song captures the spirit of adventure and freedom associated with road trips, making it a perfect addition to any road trip playlist.

“Killing Me Softly” – Roberta Flack: “Killing Me Softly with His Song” by Roberta Flack is a timeless classic that tells a story of deep emotional connection through music.

“On the Sunny Side of the Street” – Peggy Lee: Its cheerful melody and joyful lyrics can brighten up any road trip, encouraging passengers to embrace the moment and enjoy the journey.

“Travelin’ Light” – Shirley Horn: It’s a song that invites reflection on life’s adventures and the simplicity of being on the move.

“Passing Strangers” – Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan: The soulful vocals of both artists combined with the emotive lyrics make it a hauntingly beautiful song that can resonate deeply during a road trip.

“Blue Moon” – Carmen McRae: The song’s romantic lyrics and dreamy melody make it a perfect addition to a road trip playlist, especially for those nighttime drives under the starry sky.

“Why am I treated so Bad” – Norah Jones: Her haunting vocals and emotive delivery make her version a compelling listen that resonates deeply with listeners.

“Fly Me to the Moon” – Julie London: Julie London’s sultry vocals and the song’s dreamy melody make it a perfect addition to a road trip playlist, especially for those moments when you’re cruising under the moonlit sky.

“My Way of Life” – Frank Sinatra: Whether you’re driving down open highways or exploring new destinations, this song will infuse the atmosphere with a positive and invigorating vibe.