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The One-of-a-Kind Twin Turbo LS7 E30 Custom Build

Contributed By Bushog_E30

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Cody Mullenaux is an Entrepreneur, Author, investor, and inventor. He published his autobiography “Numbskull” in 2010 detailing his eccentric upbringing after being orphaned at birth and adopted by his biological grandparents in South Los Angeles. Cody’s past represents an incredible success story where he has learned to apply his street smarts and cunning ability to read people into big business. Cody founded his first company in 2014. A logistics company called Rincon Transport which was acquired by Platnuim Cargo in 2018. With a massively successful exit from Rincon Cody was able to pursue a multitude of entrepreneurial endeavors.

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The BMW E30, a quintessential icon of automotive enthusiasm, has long been the canvas for ambitious rebuilds and modifications. Yet, even among the standout builds, some projects push the envelope further, transforming the classic into something utterly awe-inspiring. One such project has resulted in a custom BMW E30 that sets new standards for custom builds.

The journey began with a simple BMW 325iS, a far cry from what it would eventually become. Initially, the vision for this car was ambitious yet straightforward—a V10 from an M5 was to sit under the hood. However, as the build progressed, priorities shifted towards reliability and performance, guiding the decision to equip the car with a Wagner Performance-built LS7 engine, enhanced further by twin turbos. This choice was not just about achieving high horsepower figures; it was about ensuring that the car could endure the rigors of intensive driving.

But the engine swap was just the beginning. The project soon evolved into a full tube chassis build, ensuring perfection and performance. The addition of an LTO wide-body kit allowed for more aggressive wheel offsets and gave the car a menacing, track-ready stance. Unlike the typical bolt-on approach, the kit was fully molded into the body, illustrating a no-compromise attitude towards aesthetics and structural integrity.

The drivetrain is equally aggressive, featuring an RTS sequential dog box, which underscores the car’s race-bred aspirations. Handling and stopping power have also been thoroughly addressed, with a BBK from Wilwood ensuring that the car’s increased power can be tamed on demand.

Electronics and engine management are cutting-edge, with a Motec/Syvecs ECU at the helm, ensuring that the complex interplay of powertrain components work in seamless harmony. This level of customization is about crafting a vehicle that pushes the limits of what an E30 can be.

The culmination of this build is more than just a high-powered beast; it’s about engineering ingenuity, aesthetic boldness, and deep respect for automotive heritage. This BMW E30, transformed from a classic icon into a modern marvel, is built to turn heads and to set race tracks ablaze. The project ‘snowballed’ from its original plans and the outcome is undeniably spectacular, setting a benchmark for E30 builds worldwide.