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Dreams on Wheels: How Restomods Turned a Young Car Lover’s Fantasy into Reality

Contributed By Restomods

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The RestoMods mission is to be a community for like minded auto enthusiasts, and to provide content and entertainment for their members while also giving them a once in a lifetime chance to win the ride of their Dreams.

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In an inspiring tale of dreams becoming reality, Restomods, a company known for its passion for classic cars, has made headlines by gifting a young woman, Helena Doll, her first car—a stunning 1972 Chevy K10, along with $20,000. This heartwarming story is not just about a car giveaway; it’s a testament to Restomods’ commitment to the car community and the joy of preserving automotive history.

Helena, a resident of Carp, California, became the lucky winner of Restomods’ giveaway contest. Her reaction upon seeing the Chevy K10 for the first time was a mixture of disbelief and overwhelming joy. “Oh my God, I’m so grateful for this to be my first car,” she exclaimed, unable to hide her excitement. Her face, aching from smiling so much, reflected the pure emotion of receiving the gleaming metal and roaring engine.

Restomods stands out in the car community for its dedication to reviving classic cars and giving them a new lease on life. By meticulously restoring these vintage beauties and customizing them to modern standards, they ensure that the legacy of these vehicles lives on. The Chevy K10 given to Helena is a prime example of their craftsmanship—a fully dialed machine with a modern LS fuel-injected engine, custom restored interior, and a blend of vintage charm and contemporary technology.

The significance of this giveaway extends beyond the physical aspects of the car. For Helena, who has never owned a car under her name, this Chevy K10 represents freedom, independence, and a connection to a bygone era. The Chevy, with its lifted stance and commanding presence, offers a unique driving experience that merges the past with the present.

Restomods’ gesture of covering all taxes and handling the paperwork for Helena signifies their genuine care for the winners of their giveaways. They aim to create a hassle-free experience, allowing the new owners to simply enjoy the thrill of driving a classic car. This level of thoughtfulness is what sets Restomods apart.

The team at Restomods, who are responsible for the transformation of these vehicles, share in the joy of each giveaway. Their dedication to each project ensures that winners like Helena receive a car that’s not just a means of transportation, but a piece of art, history, and personal identity. The Chevy K10, with its houndstooth interior and modern amenities disguised in vintage aesthetics, is a masterpiece that Helena will undoubtedly cherish for years to come.

Helena’s story is a shining example of how classic cars can create unforgettable moments and foster new connections. As she drives her Chevy K10 through the streets of Carp, she’ll turn heads and spark conversations. This car is more than just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of her unique journey and the beginning of many adventures on the road.

Restomods’ commitment to reviving classic cars and giving them away to lucky winners like Helena keeps the spirit of vintage automobiles alive and kicking, allowing new generations to experience the magic of classic cars. Helena’s dream car, a gift from Restomods, is a testament to the joy and excitement that cars, especially those with a rich history, can bring into our lives.

A Few Words From RestoMods Owner and Founder, Chris Hedgecock:
“It’s always a special day when someone comes to pick up their dream car from RestoMods but in Helena’s case, it was unique – imagine getting your first car in 2024 and it’s a fully restored and customized 1972 Chevy truck.”

6.0L iron block LS V8
FiTech Fuel Injection Ultimate LS Kit
Stainless tubular headers
Dual Exhaust
Axles; Front Dana44, Rear 10 Bolt
TH350 automatic Transmission
NP208 Transfer Case (not original)
Power steering
Power disc brakes
Wilwood master cylinder
6 inch lift
Tanks Inc fuel tank bed relocation
FiTech in tank fuel pump
Ringbrothers Billet hood hinges

Tuxedo Black paint
New Goodyear Territory M/T 35in tires
US Wheel 17×8 steel wheels / Custom Hub Caps from Tri-five Chevy
All new window glass
EvansCNC custom badges
Philips LED headlights
United pacific LED sequential tail lights

Houndstooth red interior
Old Air A/C
Momo heritage steering wheel
Dakota Digital RTX Gauges
Custom Autosound Classic Stereo
Custom embroidered floor mats