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Unveiling ‘The ABC’s’ of Lowriding in San Jose

Contributed By Mr. Lowrider Fever

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Chicano Research & Development. Author | Artist | Public Speaker | Director of Marketing Creator of https://www.instagram.com/boulevardlights

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An exciting literary tribute to the automotive world, Ricardo Cortez’s debut book, “The ABC’s of Lowriding,” brings the vibrant history, customs, and people of lowrider culture to life.This self-published work is a fun collectible resource for enthusiasts and novices alike, offering a comprehensive guide through the chromed and candied essence of lowriding. 

Cortez does more than merely define the term ‘lowrider’; he invites readers on a journey through the heart of this movement that has transcended its automotive origins to become a lifestyle for so many people.

The book covers the customs that define the lowrider community— from the boulevard cruises to the competitive car shows that showcase the artistry of lowrider modifications. These vehicles, with their gravity-defying hydraulics and mirror-like paint jobs, are not merely machines; they are embodiments of identity, and heritage. The book doesn’t stop at automotive terminology, however. Cortez also highlights the individuals who have been pivotal in propelling the lowrider movement forward.

Cortez self-publishing “The ABC’s of Lowriding” is a perfect reflection of the DIY ethos that runs deep within the lowrider community itself. This act of bringing his vision to fruition without the backing of traditional publishing avenues speaks to the authenticity and passion that fuel both the author and the subject matter.

The decision by the San Jose Public Library to feature Cortez’s work is a testament to the city’s ongoing role as a custodian of the lowrider lifestyle. By making “The ABC’s of Lowriding” available, the library has championed the importance of cultural expression. 

The book  previously sold out on the San Jose Museum of Art’s website, perfectly illustrating lowrider driver’s and aficionado’s support one another. For those eager to explore the colorful world of lowriders, “The ABC’s of Lowriding” is currently undergoing a second printing which will be available soon. In the meantime, the book is available at the San Jose Public Library. 

The San Jose Public Library has embraced Cortez’s endeavor, stocking multiple copies of the book. This serves to celebrate local heritage, and also to illustrate the intrinsic value of the lowrider scene, which found a fervent breeding ground in San Jose during the 1970s.

Cortez’s invitation to delve into this rich cultural phenomenon is an opportunity to understand how lowriding embodies a profound narrative of artistic expression and cultural pride. As readers flip through the pages, they are not just learning about cars; they are being introduced to a way of life, making “The ABC’s of Lowriding” an essential read for anyone captivated by the enduring allure of lowrider culture.