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Contributed By Ame in a Van

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My name is Amelise, I'm currently travelling full time around Europe with my dog Gigi. I spent over 2 years in total researching van life and designing hundreds of vans before I reached the point where I had enough money and knowledge to take on the build. Once I felt ready, I bought a van and put all my knowledge, research (and passion) to test. I started the build in May 2020 and I eventually finished it in the south of France and I have been travelling since September 2021!  I'd love to take you with me on my travels or at least help to inspire you with your own version of van life. So here on my site I have shared everything I wanted to know about van life and wished I had available to me before I started my van build & living in a van (especially as a DIY newbie)!

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In a world where the open road beckons and the allure of adventure cannot be ignored, Am√©lise, affectionately known as Ame, has always embraced a life less ordinary. Her home, a van named Gloria, is not just a vehicle but a sanctuary on wheels, embodying the spirit of freedom and the pursuit of dreams. 

Ame’s transition to van life was not a mere whim, but a deliberate choice fueled by a desire for independence and a break from the conventional. Gloria, more than just a mode of transportation, is a canvas onto which Ame paints her life’s adventures. Inside the steel frame, every nook, gadget, and amenity tells a story and is a testament to Ame’s ingenuity. The van is equipped with a cozy bed, kitchenette, and storage solutions ingeniously designed to maximize space and comfort. Living in such a compact space is not without its trials, though. From the constant quest for parking to the challenges of maintaining cleanliness and order in a confined area, Ame’s lifestyle demands resilience, adaptability, and a touch of creativity.

The essence of van life, however, transcends these challenges. It’s about the liberation from societal expectations, the ability to wake up to new horizons, and feeling a profound connection with nature. Ame and Gloria’s journeys are a celebration of life’s simplicity and the profound joy found in the whispers of the wind and the rhythm of the road. More than escapism, this transcendent lifestyle is a conscious choice to live authentically,  embrace minimalism, and  cherish each moment on one‚Äôs own terms.

Ame’s story  serves as a reminder that the pursuit of happiness is not about the destination, but the journey itself. Gloria symbolizes the possibilities that await when we dare step outside our comfort zones, embrace our sense of adventure,  and craft a life filled with extraordinary moments. So, to those yearning for a life unbound by convention, let Ame’s journey inspire you to take the leap, find your Gloria, and embrace the open road without looking back.