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Bug Shield

When shopping for a new Bug Shield for your repairs, you can always trust JC Whitney to deliver what you need. We have one of the widest selections of high-quality parts from no less than the best brands in the industry. Shop now and get the right Bug Shield with the perfect fit for your ride!

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Keep the Bugs Away with a Bug Shield

Bug juice all over your vehicle's windshield is never a good sight. Plus, insect fluids can be a pain to get rid of and can damage your car's paint job. Good thing you can always slap on a bug shield on the front part of your car.

How exactly do car bug shields work?

The concept behind a bug shield or bug deflector is fairly simple; it uses the slipstream effect to prevent bugs, small rocks, and other debris from hitting the windshield. With a deflector on the hood, your car becomes more aerodynamic. This in turn creates less turbulence, forcing bugs and rocks to actually ricochet against the deflector instead of landing right on the windshield.

How effective is a bug shield?

Despite the scientific and logical approach behind the design of the bug shield, not all vehicle owners believe that this device actually works. The truth is, a bug deflecting device will be able to do its job when the right type is used on a specific type of vehicle. Before you grab the first deflector you see, keep in mind the type of vehicle you have. Bug shields work best on trucks and SUVs because they usually have a box-like shape?manufacturers have designed these vehicles with practicality and utility in mind. Unfortunately, a box-like design makes a vehicle's windshield an ideal landing space for bugs, dirt, and other flying debris. To counteract this, a bug deflector is built with a rising ridge that slightly improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle. So instead of hitting the windshield, the bugs bump against the deflector instead or are harmlessly tossed over the vehicle by the wind stream.

Other factors that affect the effectiveness of bug shields are the amount of insects you encounter and your driving speed. Obviously, if you run into a big cloud of bugs while driving, you'll still have dead bugs stuck on the windshield unless the front of your car is completely covered. And if you're not driving fast enough, you won't create enough slipstream effect that can actually deflect bigger bugs.

What to look for in a highly effective bug shield?

To make sure the deflector does its job, double-check its design and compatibility with your vehicle. The shield should snugly fit on top of the hood to ensure a slipstream effect when driving at the right speed. You should also go for high-quality brands since these produce deflectors that are designed to fully enhance your vehicle's aerodynamics. Plus, top-quality shields are made from high-grade plastics that won't easily dent or get scratched when hit by road debris.

Since some car owners prefer not to use a bug shield because it makes the front part of their vehicles look bulky or that it doesn't fully match the exterior, you should also consider the shape and color. To provide ultimate protection for your four-wheeled investment against bugs and flying rocks without ruining its looks, opt for a stylish shield that matches your vehicle's front end.


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