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Chrome & Accents parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Chrome & Accents products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Chrome & Accents. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    HIGHROCK DOOR ENTRY GUARDS. Protect against scuffs and scratches or hide a damaged sill on older models. Tough ABS composite material with... more

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    UNIVERSAL DOOR LOCK KNOB. Dorman Universal Door Lock Knob are the ideal spare part or product of choice if it is time to replace those... more

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    DOOR LOCK KNOBS. A knurled surface provides a firm grip but without a "lip" that can be hooked from outside. 2 per set.  .   more

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Dress Up Accessories from JC Whitney’s collection of Interior Accessories can be used to give your vehicle a face-lift. Doorsill Plates can be used to give your doorjambs dependable protection against scuff and damage. Door Sill Plates and Entry Guards from top brands like Bestop®, Tenzo R, AutoVentshade® and NU Image can be used to protect your sills from scuffs and scratches. Our assortment of Dress Up Accessories also includes Interior Dress Up Package, Door Entry Guards, Racing Sports Door Sills, Door Sill Plate Sets, Billet Cruise Control Switches, Roush® Dash Trim Kits and Stainless Steel Inside Windshield Brackets. You can opt for these Dress Up accessories from renowned brands like Sewfine, Roush® Performance and Omix Ada®.


Chrome & Accents

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  Liven up the Inside and Outside of Your Vehicle with Chrome & Accents!
Types of Chrome & Accents
Liven up the Inside and Outside of Your Vehicle with Chrome & Accents!

Dress Up accessories from JC Whitney give your vehicle interior a complete makeover and add a distinctive style to your ride! From Door Entry Guards and Door Sill Plates to Bud Vases and Complete Interior Dress-Up Packages, you can find everything you want to give your vehicle's interior a face-lift. All these products are made from strong durable materials, come in eye-catching designs and colors and can be installed easily.

Door Sill Plates & Entry Guards add a bright custom touch while protecting vulnerable and frequently damaged areas of your vehicle like door sills, sill plates, door corners and thresholds. They not only shield new sills from scuffs and scratches but also add a like-new look to existing or damaged sills. These stylish Door Sill Plates & Entry Guards are even custom die-formed for a snug and perfect fit.

Interior Dress Up Package like Bud Vase and Flowers are molded to replicate blown glass vases of the past and work well with a single flower as well as several buds. You can also select from our Complete VW Interior Dress-Up Packages that are not just beautiful but last long and long!

Types of Chrome & Accents

Door Sill Plates & Entry Guards

Door Sill Plates & Entry GuardsDoor Sill Plates & Entry Guards from JC Whitney give your vehicle interior a custom look while offering ultimate protection. Door Entry Guards help protect your vehicle doors against scuffs and scratches and even hide damaged sills on older models. Made from tough ABS composite material, they come with a matte black finish and can be painted to match your vehicle's color scheme.

Door Sill Plate Sets are contoured to fit the door sills on your vehicle exactly! They come with a ribbed textured finish that complements your vehicle interior door trim and provides a nonskid surface. These Door Sill Plates are made from rugged ABS plastic that won't rust or dent and install easily with double-stick tape.

Entry Guards are also available that guard the doorframes from scrape marks and scratches. You can also get Door Sills with 24" x 1.5" carbon-fiber look overlays and adhesive lining for easy installation. You can also choose from our collection of Sill Plates, Aluminum Sill Plates, Door Sill Plates, Custom-Fit Stainless Steel Door Sills, Threshold Pannels, Door Corner Covers and Door Post Guards.

Interior Dress Up Package

Interior Dress Up PackageYou can customize your vehicle with Interior Dress-Up Packages available in a variety of types and kits. Stainless Steel Inside Windshield Brackets help brighten each corner of your accent windshield frames and look great with other stainless steel dash accessories as well! They are made from polished stainless steel for that perfect finishing touch for your dash.

You can install some Curtain Tracks to hang curtains and also add shade and privacy to your vehicle. You can even go for elegant Bud Vase and Flowers for your VW Beetles and Super Beetles. The vases are built from shatter-resistant acrylic crystal and feature a 14k gold-plated brass mount. They include three gorgeous silk red Pearl rose buds and mount easily on any smooth surface with the help of double-stick tapes.

Complete VW Interior Dress-Up Packages include everything you need to renew, restore or customize your VW's interior! They are complete with all premium-quality, hand-made accessories plus instructions for effortless installation. You can even order interior accessories separately if your interior doesn't require a complete make over!

JC Whitney also stocks Dash Trim Kits, Trim Kits, A/C Knobs and Seat Tilt Levers, Billet A/C Knobs, Coupe Billet Window Plates, Convertible Billet Window Plates, White Face Gauge Overlays, Aluminum Headlight Knobs, Carbon Fiber Trim Kits, Billet Cruise Control Switches and Carbon Fiber/Interior Trim Kits from renowned brands.