Control Arms parts and accessories

Wish you had more control over your clunking and vibrating vehicle? What you need is a new control arm to replace your old, busted one with. To start fixing your vehicle, check out our heavy-duty Control Arms now available with a top-notch guarantee, so you can safely shop! Go ahead and browse our catalog below to find the parts you need.

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Getting dizzy bouncing up and down your car seat when the road is smooth and even? You probably have a busted control arm that needs immediate replacement; otherwise, you’ll be rattling and rocking in your cabin until your head splits due to massive headaches. Great thing we have the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of Controls Arms in one place to give you the widest selection of replacement parts possible.

Whatever is your make or model, we have a control arm that fits your system to a T. We have heavy-duty lower control arms that’ll enable you to restore accurate and safe handling of your vehicle. We also have rigorously engineered upper control arms that will instantly get rid of all the annoying noises coming from your suspension system. Many of our products come complete with other suspension parts like bushings and ball joints, so you can fix your car as quick as possible.

Finally, we also have extremely durable rear control arms that will last a long time and will eliminate all your shimmy problems. Since our Control Arms are meticulously built according to OEM specs, they’ll fit easily and work flawlessly–most likely even better than your stock! So go ahead and browse our extensive catalog today to start fixing your broken suspension system for good.