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    These spark plugs are equipped with a heavy duty yttrium enhanced copper core center electrode for increased resistance against spark erosion... more

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    Quality-Built Alternators. Lubricated with aerospace-grade grease to ensure long-life grueling conditions. Offer new components, assembled... more

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    NGK COMMERCIAL SERIES SPARK PLUGS. Corrugated ribs help prevent "flashover" of spark which can lead to harmful misfires and rob you of... more

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    COPPER PLUS SPARK PLUGS. Champion Copper Plus spark plugs have been original equipment on a wide variety of engines for many years. Manufacturers... more

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    Need an additional switch or two for newly acquired electronic goodies? Pop in some Daystar Toggle Switches so you can power on and off... more

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Electrical Systems from JC Whitney help improve your vehicle’s engine efficiency and performance. These Electrical systems provide your vehicle with better horsepower, faster starts and improved fuel efficiency even under most extreme conditions. JC Whitney’s wide range of Electrical Systems feature Alternator & Generator, Distributor & Accessories, Fuses & Boxes, Performance Control & Engine Management, Sparkplugs, Coils & Ignitions, Starters, Switches & Switch Panels and Wiring Harnesses.

Upgrade your vehicle’s Electrical System with our range of durable, powerful and long lasting Alternators that produce high outputs for extended periods without overheating or failing. Superior quality Generators from our collection of Electrical Systems are the perfect replacements for your vehicle’s stock Generators. These Generators are specially tested to ensure trouble-free performance. Our range of Electrical Systems also includes high-performance Distributors that provide you with smoother & faster acceleration and improved throttle response.

Get more engine power and enjoy trouble-free starts in all weather conditions with advanced Spark Plugs from our collection of Electrical Systems. Spark plugs from our collection reduce fuel consumption, harmful toxic emissions and carbon deposits to help your engine run cleaner and smoother. You can also find Motor Starters that help eliminate starting problems.

We also stock other Electrical Systems components such as Alternator & Generator Pulleys, Alternator Rectifier, Distributor Caps, Tune Up Kits, Fuse Blocks, Fuse Holders, Microtuners and Wiring harnesses from leading brands such as Jet™, Scat®, Bosch®, Proform™, Jacobs, Painless Wiring® and Denso.


Electrical Systems

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  Enhance your Engine's Performance with Electrical Systems!
Types of Electrical Systems
Enhance your Engine's Performance with Electrical Systems!

Electrical Systems from JC Whitney provide better horsepower, faster starts and improved fuel efficiency for your vehicle even under most extreme conditions. You can choose from a variety of high-quality Electrical Systems at our huge assortment like Alternator & Generators, Distributor & Accessories, Fuses & Boxes, Performance Control & Engine Management Systems, Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition parts, Starters, Switches & Switch Panels and Wiring Harnesses.

Alternators & Generators make perfect upgrades and replacements for damaged originals. They include high performance Alternators that produce high outputs for extended periods without overheating or failing and superior quality Generators that are tested to ensure trouble-free performance of your vehicle.

Distributors & Accessories are designed to bring back life into your vehicle's ignition systems. They replace factory originals easily and provide quicker starts and more power than a worn out distributor! Performance Control & Engine Management Systems offer powerful real time data monitoring and logging to provide comprehensive performance information during and after testing. They can be reprogrammed back to stock tuning anytime and come with easy instructions for trouble-free installation.

Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition parts from our selection help you get rid of hassles with points-type ignitions, slow starts or sluggish performance. You can choose from Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition parts like Control Modules, Ignition & Spark Plug Wires, Ignition Switches, Performance Ignition parts and Spark Plugs. Starters help you get quicker, more reliable starts and even make excellent replacements for worn-out starters.

Types of Electrical Systems

Alternators & Generators

Alternators & GeneratorsAlternators & Generators from JC Whitney enhance your vehicle's performance and help produce high outputs. You can select from our line of Alternators & Generators like Performance & Chrome Pulleys & Brackets, Performance Alternators & Generators and Replacement Alternator & Generators that are strong, durable and made from high-quality materials.

Performance & Chrome Pulleys & Brackets help dress up your engine compartment and add power-gains and torque. These fully-machined pulleys replace originals and add a high-tech look to your engine. You can also get custom-fit Performance Alternators & Generators that come with all new heavy-duty components to provide up to 3 times more charging power. Replacement Alternator & Generators feature easy bolt-in installation without any need to modify brackets.

Fuses & Boxes

Fuses & BoxesTop-quality Fuses & Boxes are also available at JC Whitney that provide long-lasting durability at a great low price. Billet Aluminum Fuse Boxes and Fuse Box Covers with hard-anodized coating are a quick and affordable way to dress up the engine area in your sport compact! They look great alone or complete the look with other under-hood accessories.

Auxiliary Fuse Blocks are fuse protected and rated up to 90 amps when connected in series. They also come with a high-heat-resistant ABS plastic housing. Add-On Fused Circuit Panels are also available that add up to 18 fuse-protected circuits and handle up to 25 amps/circuits. These durable, lightweight panels are compact to ease installation and feature stud-type input terminals and spade connectors on output terminals for trouble-free use.

Performance Control & Engine Management

Performance Control & Engine ManagementPerformance Control & Engine Management Systems help you reprogram your vehicle's computer quickly and easily for superior performance. Engine Performance Flash Tuners allow you to plug into your OBD II port and reprogram the PCM for more power, horsepower and torque. Handheld Flash Tunable Performance Programmers add dyno proven rear wheel horsepower to gasoline cars, trucks, SUVs and diesel engines!

You can adjust spark, fuel curve, air/fuel ratio and transmission for better performance with Performance Control Modules. They help maximize gains under all operating conditions and improve drivability, towing capability and overall efficiency. Engine Management Systems plug directly into your car's factory harness and sensors. They have Windows-based software that makes copying, viewing and manipulating data as easy as clicking a mouse!

Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition

Sparkplugs, Coil & IgnitionSparkplugs, Coil & Ignition from our collection ensure smoother running and better starts for your vehicle. They offer greater fuel efficiency and more power and also ensure smoother response. Spark Plugs boost starting voltage to deliver a stronger, hotter spark and allow you to enjoy trouble-free starts even on cold mornings. These Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition parts are even coated for protection against moisture, dirt, dust and oil.

Electronic ignition helps boost voltage to spark plugs and fires hotter and more accurately than point-type ignition. Performance Ignition parts deliver a super-hot spark to spark plugs and provide the most efficient combustion for maximum engine performance. They assure quicker and smoother acceleration than original distributors in your vehicle.


StarterJC Whitney also stocks Starters that ensure easy, quick and trouble-free starts for your vehicle even in cold weather. You can choose from a variety of Starters that add a bright custom touch to your vehicle electrical system. Performance Starters from our vast collection give your vehicle ultimate high-torque and cranking power.

You can also get Starter Accessories like fiberglass Starter Covers or fiberglass with special heat-reflective aluminized outer covers. Gold-Tone Starter Heat Shields are a must for RVs, race cars, tow vehicles or hot running street rods. You can also go for Solenoid Relocation Kits that help eliminate starting problems caused by overheated starter solenoids. These Kits make it easy to connect your remote starter switch when tuning your vehicle.

Switches & Switch Panels

Switches & Switch PanelsSwitches & Switch Panels from JC Whitney add a dash of custom styling to your vehicle. They also make great replacements for old, broken or malfunctioning originals. Switches & Switch Panels at our collection are available in a variety of eye-catching colors and are easy to install on your vehicle dashboard and panels.

Illuminated and Non-illuminated Racing Cover Switches are essential not only for all kinds of lights but also for gauges, neon kits, nitrous and more. Turn Signal Switches are ideal for vehicles with combination stop, tail and turn signal lamps requiring brake light circuit. These hazard warning switches are supplied with universal steering column clamps. They are made from top-quality die-cast materials and have pre-wired assembly ready for installation.

Wiring Harnesses

Wiring HarnessesWe also stock Complete Wiring Harnesses that come with all the wiring you'll need in one money-saving timing-saving set! They are exact OEM-style reproductions and are designed to fit perfectly and look right. These Wiring Harnesses replace old, frayed or damaged wiring easily and help complete your Jeep restoration.

Wiring Harness Kits are designed for all Dune Buggies using Volkswagen, Porsche or Corvair frames and engines. They are made from quality copper wire with plastic-covered insulation and are color-coded for easy identification. You can get Replacement Wiring Harness Kits for VW Beetles that are tagged and color coded to simplify installation. They include everything you need to rewire your VW completely from bumper to bumper!