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Exterior parts from JC Whitney’s huge collection come in a variety of styles and designs to enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. Body Molding and Trim, Fender Flares and Trim, Mud Flaps and Splash Guards can be used to protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle while covering scratches, dents and rust. Hard-to-find Exterior accessories like Awnings and Canopies, License Plate Frames, Gas Caps and Accessories Skylights and Farm Work and Utility parts like Snow Plows are also available at JC Whitney. You can select these from popular brands like Camco, King Canopy, EGR, Bestop®, TFP, Putco™, AutoVentshade® and more.

Our extensive assortment of Exterior accessories also includes Doors and Door Accessories, Grills and Accessories, Light Covers and Guards, Outdoor Furniture, Running Boards, Step Rails and Steps, Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling, Sunroofs, Tents and Camping Gear and Window Louvers. You can opt for Exterior parts from renowned brands like NFL, MLB, Tsunami™, Bully™, Westin®, Xenon®, VTech and many more.



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  Exterior Accessories for a Personalized Look!
Types of Exterior Accessories!
Maintain your Vehicle's Exterior Accessories!
Exterior Accessories for a Personalized Look!

Exterior Accessories help you personalize the exterior of your vehicle and enhance its overall look! These Exterior Accessories come in a variety of styles and designs to give your vehicle a customized look. Even hard-to-find Auto Exterior Accessories like License Plate Frames, Gas Caps and Accessories and Farm Work and Utility parts like Snow Plows are available at JC Whitney. You can also get replacements for damaged Exterior Accessories from our collection.

Provide extra protection to the vulnerable areas of your vehicle and also hide dents and corrosion with Body Molding and Trim. Get Door and Door Accessories to give your vehicle a new look and also add convenience to your on-road experience. Protect vulnerable parts like tires and wheels from on-coming road debris with Fender Flares and Trim and Mud Flaps and Splash Guards. You can also provide stylish protection to the headlights with Light Covers and Guards.

Customized Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling and Window Louvers give your vehicle a racy look and make it more aerodynamic. Running Boards, Step Rails and Steps allow easy entry and exit to your car, Jeep®, truck or SUV and are especially convenient for children and the elderly. You can enjoy the breeze while driving and also protect yourself from harmful UV rays with Auto Sunroofs from JC Whitney. Portable Shelters, Awnings and Accessories are also available to protect yourself in extreme weather conditions while on the road.

Types of Exterior Accessories!

Body Molding and Body Trim

Body Molding and Body TrimBody Molding and Body Trim protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle from scratches and dents. You can also use these Exterior Auto Accessories to hide worn and rusted parts. These Body Molding and Trim Accessories are perfect replacements for damaged and deteriorated originals. They are custom-formed to fit perfectly over the sides of your vehicle. You can get durable Body Molding made from chrome, aluminum, vinyl or stainless steel materials. Apart from Body Molding, other Accessories like Accent Panels, Door Guards, Body Guards and Channel Trim also help keep your vehicle sleek without any nicks and dents.

Doors and Door Accessories

Doors and Door AccessoriesGive your vehicle a sporty look with Jeep® Half Doors and Safari Doors. You can have a fun on-road experience and enjoy the breeze while driving with these Jeep® Doors. Doors come in a variety of hard and soft materials. You can also get Safari Netting to keep out road debris, mud and gravel while driving through marshy areas.

Door Accessories like Door Pin Inserts, Door Hinges, Car Door Handles and Assemblies help ensure a secure ride. They are made of durable, highly polished materials like satin stainless steel or rustproof satin stainless steel to keep them looking new and stylish. You can also get Door Straps that give you the option to tighten the doors securely or leave it loosely closed for good air circulation. Heavy-duty zipper Door Jackets protect your Jeep® Doors from nicks and dents that can be caused in parking lots or in the garage.

Fender Flares and Fender Trim

Fender Flares and Fender TrimFender Flares will make your vehicle stylish and also protect the tires and wheels from dirt and debris. You can drive over rocky terrain without getting scratches on the sides and wheels and also prevent rust formation with Fender Flares. Fender Skirts, Gap Guards and Fender Molding are also available for extra protection from on-road debris. These Fender Flares are made of high-performance materials like chrome and stainless steel. Most of these Fender Flares also have a special UV-resistant coating to keep them strong and durable for years.

Gas Caps and Accessories

Gas Caps and AccessoriesGas Cap Covers are made of highly polished aluminum, stainless steel and chrome materials that are highly resistant to gas and other chemicals. They also provide longlasting security, trouble-free operation and a sleek look to your vehicle. Gas Cap Covers come in a variety of designs and are custom made to fit easily over existing holes.

License Plate Frames and Accessories

License Plate Frames and AccessoriesYou can give your vehicle a personalized look with License Plate Frames and Accessories. They come in a variety of designs and tightly secure the License Plate to your vehicle. These License Plate Frames are made from chrome, acrylic and aluminum and are generally rustproof and water resistant. You can also get designer License Plate Fasteners and License Plate Plaques to make your vehicle stand out. License Plate Covers are also available at JC Whitney.

Light Covers and Guards

Light Covers and GuardsYour vehicle's headlights are quite vulnerable to cracks and damage and need extra protection. You can give stylish protection to the headlights with custom-made heavy-duty acrylic Headlight Covers. They match the contours of your vehicle's headlights perfectly and can be easily installed without any drilling.

If you're more of an off-road driver you can get more protection for the headlights with Headlight Guards. These Headlight Guards are designed to protect expensive headlights and turn signal lights without blocking light beams. You can also get Taillight Covers, Taillight Guards and also Third Brake Light Covers. They are available in a variety of highly durable materials and designs. You can ease nighttime driving with Headlight Visors. These Headlight Visors allow you to use high beam without blinding on-coming motorists and make driving safer.

Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

Mud Flaps and Splash GuardsMud Flaps and Splash Guards keep mud, snow, slush and road debris off your vehicle's wheels and sides and protect its contours from dents and scratches. These Mud Flaps are made from black thermal plastic that will not crack even in cold and extreme temperature. High-quality stainless steel Splash Guards are available for better protection in marshy terrain.

Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling

Spoilers, Wings and Body StylingMake your vehicle more aerodynamic and increase stability and fuel economy with Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling. Front and Rear Spoilers and Wings give your vehicle a customized sporty look. Rear Spoilers and Wings allow you to drive your vehicle at high speeds without adding extra weight. You can also get special custom-made Truck Spoilers and Auto Wings. Most Spoilers are made from lightweight and durable materials like polyurethane, steel or fiberglass. They come in a variety of designs and styles.

You can get a Roll Pan and Rear Valance for your truck instead of a bumper and give it a sleek look. You can also get Trunk Lids that are designed to fit your vehicle's trunk perfectly. They are made from high-quality, durable and lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber materials. JC Whitney also stocks Body Styling Kits, Air Dam Kits and Wiper Cowls that are custom-designed for your vehicle.


SunroofsConvert the roof of your vehicle into a Sunroof to give it a sleek, contemporary look. The black aluminum frames of the Sunroofs are contoured to fit perfectly. These Auto Sunroofs are made from high performance glass that provides good protection against harmful UV rays. You can operate these Sunroofs easily with the push of a button and adjust the airflow in your vehicle. JC Whitney also stocks padded Sunroof bags for safe storage when its not being used.

Window Louvers

Window LouversYou can have extra privacy in your vehicle with Window Louvers. These Window Louvers keep out road debris, harmful UV rays and rain. They are also designed to allow air and light into your vehicle for a calm, relaxing drive. Both Rear Window Louvers and Side Window Louvers are available at JC Whitney. They come in a variety of rustproof heavy-duty materials like stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic. You can select any design you want and even paint it in the color of your choice.

Maintain your Vehicle's Exterior Accessories!

Auto Exterior Accessories play an important role in enhancing the overall look of your vehicle. You need to keep the Exterior Accessories of your vehicle clean and well maintained to make them look attractive on the road. You can do this by washing your vehicle with a mild cleaning product regularly and waxing it to give it a nice shine. This will prevent corrosion and deterioration of the Exterior Accessories making them look new for years.

Replace damaged Exterior Accessory parts and follow all manufacturer's instructions to maintain the original look of your vehicle. You can also get these Accessories checked occasionally by a professional to ensure that they are securely fit and in good shape.