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It’s the fuel system that stores and supplies fuel to the cylinder chamber where it’s burned to produce energy that helps your vehicle to function. The fuel has three main components: fuel tanks, fuel pumps and fuel rails. Damaged in any of these components can affect your vehicle’s performance. For quality fuel pumps, rails & regulators you may check out our online catalog.

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    Airtex Fuel Pumps comes with the latest technological advancement, adhering to OE design and contributing to better performance. more

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    Bosch Fuel Pump is manufactured to fit and work as properly as the first part in order to matches OE specifications and meets or exceeds... more

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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    MECHANICAL FUEL PUMPS. New, die-cast, precision engineered to give longer trouble-free service than original. Leakproof, factory-tested... more

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    Specially constructed to match OE specifications of your authentic part. These are ideal replacement when maintaining your vehicle's utmost... more

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    GMB fuel pumps are precision-built to ensure that pressure, flow, and voltage match OE specifications. more

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    AC Delco Fuel Pump. Exudes maximum protection with the help of its high grade construction. Provide only the best part for your vehicle... more

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    Denso Fuel Pump. Manufactured using the most up to date technology. Being a brand that is distinguished in the areas of power train control... more

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    Covering more than 15,000 applications for all makes and models of vehicles, Precise uses state of the art technology, premium components... more

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    Standard Fuel Pressure Regulator. Whenever it's time for you to service your own Fuel Pressure Regulator, choose Standard Fuel Pressure... more

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    AC Delco OE Replacement Fuel Rail. Let your vehicle have the best Fuel Rail replacement in the market. Featuring the same fit, function... more

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    Airtex OE Replacement Fuel Strainer. Certified with ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001. Don't settle for less when choosing the best replacement... more

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    Bosch OE Replacement Fuel Strainer. Let your vehicle have the best Fuel Strainer replacement in the market. Featuring the same fit, function... more

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Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators from JC Whitney’s collection of Air Intake and Fuel Systems ensure easier cold-weather starts. These corrosion resistant Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators are designed to perform in hot weather conditions and at high altitudes as well. Our assortment of Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators include Fuel Pumps, Fuel Rails, and Fuel Pressure Regulators. We have a selection of Fuel Pumps that are designed to deliver fuel at higher pressure to prevent starvation at higher RPMs. JC Whitney’s collection of Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators replaces or bypasses malfunctioning originals perfectly.

Upgrade your vehicle’s fuel system with Fuel Rails that provide better flow and more fuel to injectors than stock rails. These Fuel Rails come in a variety of attractive colors for outstanding looks.

Our collection of Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators also include Fuel Pressure Regulators that stabilize and adjust the fuel pressure for maximum horsepower gain. These Fuel Pressure Regulators ensure consistent fuel pressure to maintain air/fuel ratio for optimum fuel economy and improved horsepower. We stock Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators from renowned brands such as Venom, Purolator, MTS, Holley®, and AEM.

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Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators

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  Upgrade your Fuel System with Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators
Types of Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators
Upgrade your Fuel System with Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators

Fuel Pumps, Rails and Regulators from JC Whitney perform even in hot weather conditions and at high altitudes. These Fuel Pumps, Rails and Regulators are made of corrosion resistant materials making them strong and long-lasting. Improve and enhance your vehicle's performance with our collection of Fuel Pumps, Rails and Regulators accessories like Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Pumps and Fuel Rails.

Fuel Pressure Regulators help maintain stable fuel pressure for upgraded vehicles. They help to maintain consistent fuel pressure for optimum fuel economy. They also help improve horsepower. You can find Fuel Pumps that deliver consistent pressures and high flow rates for modified and high-performance engines. These Fuel Pumps prevent starvation at higher RPMs.

You can also opt for Fuel Rails to improve your vehicle's fuel system. These Fuel Rails provide better flow and more fuel to injectors than stock rails.

Types of Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Pressure RegulatorFuel Pressure Regulators from JC Whitney stabilize and regulate the fuel pressure and provide maximum horsepower gain. These Regulators provide accurate adjustment for the setting of optimum fuel pressure in your vehicle. You can select from a wide range of Fuel Pressure Regulators that are accurate, reliable, durable and functional.

Fuel Pressure Regulators help stabilize and adjust fuel pressure from fuel pump to your vehicle's carburetor. These improve performance and help prevent needle and seat damage in your carburetor. They include sheet metal screws and brackets for easy installation. They can be installed between the Fuel Pump and carburetor fuel inlet port of your vehicle.

Fuel Pumps

Fuel PumpsFuel Pumps at JC Whitney deliver a dependable fuel supply when you need it. They also make perfect replacements for your worn or damaged fuel pump. You could opt for Universal Solid-State Electric Fuel Pumps that are great replacements for original or bypass malfunctioning originals. These Fuel Pumps prevent hot-weather vapor lock, ensuring easier cold-weather starts. They can also be used as a utility pump for industrial and farm machines. These Fuel Pumps work with all fuels and additives. They come with hardware and instructions included for easy installation.

You can choose from a variety of Fuel Pumps like Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Electronic Fuel Pumps, Facet Solid-State Electric Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pumps and Safety Pressure Shut-Off Switch, Facet Solid-State Fuel Pump Kit, Replacement Electric Fuel Pump and Facet Solid-State Electric Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate from our collection.

Fuel Rail

Fuel RailWe also stock Fuel Rails that deliver more fuel to fuel injectors. You can support your high-performance engines, with the help of High-Flow Fuel Rails that feature a 1/2" diameter fuel bore ensuring enough fuel flow. Made from CNC machined T6 billet aluminum these fuel rails have laser-etched graphics, that make them both durable and attractive. Featuring a custom fit design, these Fuel Rails allow the use of stock fuel hose perfectly. The Stock fuel pressure regulator mounts directly to Fuel Rails. These Fuel Rails include new injector O-rings, fuel line fittings, comprehensive instructions and AEM decals for easy installation.