Fuel Saving Parts – JC Whitney fights pain at the pump!

You can’t change fuel prices, but you can improve your vehicle’s fuel consumption. From air filters and fuel tank cleaners to gas boosters, JC Whitney has everything your car needs to make the most out of every gallon. Take a look at our products below and see how you can save fuel today.

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    N-Dure’s Security-Built tonneau cover keeps valuable items like tools and equipment safe, clean and dry and features heavy-duty stainless... more


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    Manufactured specifically for diesel vehicles, Dorman's Fuel Filter Primer Seal is quality-engineered to seal the fuel primer and filter... more

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    OXYGEN SENSORS. Tough emission standards require high quality oxygen sensors. Original equipment replacement part. Keep your Jeep emissions... more

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    RUGGED RIDGE REPLACEMENT EXHAUST MANIFOLD. For '41-71 4-cyl. 134 L & F Heads and 70-91 AMC V8 Engines. Helps your JEEP breathe easy... more

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    PERFORMANCE BOOSTER. Designed to burn fuel cleaner, faster and more completely for greater power and fuel economy. Increase gas mileage... more


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Save Gas With JC Whitney! High cost of gas getting you down? Understandable, considering prices seem to be higher every time you go in for a fill-up. But, there IS a way to fight skyrocketing fuel costs and improve your vehicle’s fuel usage. JC Whitney!

JC Whitney offers a complete array of gas-saving products to help you get more miles and more dollars out of every gallon of gasoline. Car, pickup, SUV, van, RV, motorcycle...it doesn’t make any difference what you drive. We’ve got what it takes to cut fuel costs and save you hundreds of dollars (probably even more) each year!

Yes, we’ve got it all (including parts and accessories that can get you up to 30% more miles per gallon) and all in one convenient spot. Our website is the best place to find what you need to keep your vehicle on the road...FOR LESS! Just imagine all those extra bucks that will leave in your wallet over the life of your vehicle.

Every gas-saver you can think of! Our fuel economy gauge helps you drive "greener" and more efficiently by showing how your driving habits impact fuel consumption. The gas booster additive cleans fuel injectors and restores lost power to dramatically boost gas mileage. Using a magnetic fuel saver can increase fuel economy 12% on an average. Installing the performance ignition wire set will increase miles per gallon...and that's guaranteed! Then, there’s JC Whitney's complete line of diagnostic tools and programmers to keep your engine in top tune. A tuned engine is an efficient, fuel-saving engine. Our huge selection of air intake systems is designed to boost power...and gas mileage. If you want to safely store your cargo AND cut fuel-robbing wind drag, there's a great assortment of aerodynamic tonneau covers. Fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, air filters, engine-cooling fans, fuel tank cleaners, air scoops will help stretch your dollars at the pump. We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Shop JC Whitney for the gas-savers right for your vehicle. Then, the next times you’re filling up the tank you won't be cleaning out your wallet. We can't completely end pain at the pump. But, we can sure offer a lot to make that pain a lot more bearable.