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Lexus Parts and Accessories

Get your Lexus Parts here now at JC Whitney and savor the great online shopping experience like no other. Our massive in-stock selection will provide with all the products with an exact fit to your ride. You will get these topnotch products in a fast, easy, and secure way. Not happy about your purchase? Return it with our 30-day Guarantee. Want to use it right away? We will ship it to you with our next-day delivery. Let our knowledgeable sales support team attend to your questions.

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Six Exciting Features to Expect in Lexus Vehicles

The Lexus brand epitomizes class and luxury cars, but what most people don't know is that it is also a technology leader in the auto industry. Each Lexus vehicle, down to its individual Lexus parts, is designed based on the latest innovations. Whether it is to provide additional safety, improve fuel efficiency, make the vehicle more stylish, or to simply make the ride a more enjoyable one, these technologies incorporated in Lexus vehicles and Lexus auto parts are a key advantage for the brand.

Some of the newer technologies one can expect in Lexus vehicles include:

The S-Flow

Especially beneficial for solo drivers, the S-Flow energy saving airflow system makes use of sensors that automatically detect if there are people occupying the passenger seats. If the seats are empty, the sensor automatically triggers the air-conditioning system to cool only the occupied front seat. Aside from preventing the cabin from becoming colder than necessary, the S-Flow system also saves fuel . as much as 3 percent according to Lexus.

Painting advancements

Two of the colors available for Lexus sedans incorporate the latest in pigment technology. The Riviera Red color contains glass flakes, which create a shimmering brilliance to the coat. Another color option, the silvery Liquid Platinum, has been engineered to accentuate the curves of the vehicle as well as shine under different lighting conditions, whether it's a dull autumn afternoon or a bright sunny morning.

GreenEdge audio

The latest Lexus automobiles can be outfitted with Lexus auto parts such as GreenEdge audio components, which provide an improved LED visual interface for the car's media player. Modern Lexus models can also avail of Mark Levinson Premium audio systems with speakers that are lighter, more energy-efficient, have less distortion, and produce almost twice as many watts per channel compared to other audio systems in the market.

Digital access

Lexus also made improvements to its Lexus Enform mobile telematics system. The 2013 Lexus GS owners in particular will be able to use the Enform system to search for driving destinations as well as use apps to make reservations, buy movie tickets, and access Internet radio and certain areas of Facebook via the car's 12.3-inch multi-media split screen, the first of its size to be included in a production car. In addition, these features can also be synchronized with use with other electronic Lexus accessories for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Remote Touch

Lexus' Remote Touch system consists of a mouse-like controller which you can use to adjust audio, and climate control in selected Lexus vehicles. It even feels and acts like a computer mouse, although more versions found in 2010 models and up has slides for easier navigation.

Bamboo steering wheel

Certain Lexus models are fitted with a bamboo steering wheel, fine-tuned to become a part of the vehicle's extensive driving sensory-development. The light yet durable properties of bamboo also make the steering easier to manipulate. In addition, Lexus can also provide additional Lexus performance parts and accessories, such as a night vision system and a custom suspension system, which can be ordered, just like any other Lexus parts online, from Internet retailers.

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