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    CHILTON'S TOTAL CARE MANUALS. Contains everything from easy parts replacements and routine upkeep to the most complicated overhauls and... more

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    REPAIR MANUAL. For most American and imported cars, trucks, vans. Features illustrations, specifications and exploded views. Saves you... more

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    HAYNES SMALL ENGINE REPAIR MANUALS. Choose manual thru 5-HP engines, or manual for 5.5 thru 20-HP engines. Pages of detailed engine disassembly... more

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    CHRYSLER CODE READING GUIDE. Find out what's wrong. before. you go in for costly repairs! Easy-to-read guide shows you how to access fault... more


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    AUTOMOTIVE ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SYSTEMS (ABS) MANUAL. Features:. Covers most anti-lock braking systems in current use. Includes ABS theory,... more


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    AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS MANUAL. A guide to buying and using automotive tools. Covers common hand tools and power tools, including specialized... more


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    BRAKES MANUAL. The most complete, up-to-date and easiest-to-understand manual we';ve seen! You';ll learn about the tools/equipment needed... more

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Manuals, Videos & Software from JC Whitney give you all the information you need to restore, service and repair your vehicle and trailer. These Manuals, Videos & Software provide you with easy-to-follow instructions that help in easy and safe maintenance of your vehicle.

Body Repair Manuals from our collection of Manuals, Videos & Software contain accurate information about welding, painting, fiberglass repair, body straightening, damage/rust repair, detailing and much more. Paint & Detailing Manuals provide hands-on instructions for the perfect paint job and help you learn how to repair minor body. Our assortment of Manuals, Videos & Software includes Repair & Service Manuals and Repair CDs & Software that provide you with the most accurate, complete and up-to-date information available for your vehicle.

Engine rebuild Videos from JC Whitney are presented like well-made documentaries and arranged in chapters where each step is thoroughly explained and all your questions are answered. Our collection of Manuals, Videos & Software includes Automotive, Gift Books & Music CD's, Home Repair Manuals, Trailer Manuals, Under Car Repair Manuals and Under Hood Repair Manuals that help you in troubleshooting, maintenance and repairing your vehicle and its parts. You can keep your vehicle performing great without the need to spend a fortune with Manuals, Videos & Software from top brands like Chilton, Haynes Manual and Motorbooks.

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Manuals, Videos & Software

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  Help at Your Fingertips with Manuals, Videos & Software
Types of Manuals, Videos & Software
Help at Your Fingertips with Manuals, Videos & Software

Manuals, Videos & Software from JC Whitney help maintain your vehicle for safe and better performance. They can not only be used as easy referrals for basic car maintenance but also for record keeping during emergency situations. They come packed with complete specifications and professional detailing tricks plus hundreds of photos and illustrations, wiring and exploded views.

You can select from a variety of user-friendly Manuals, Videos & Software from our extensive assortment. Automotive, Gift Books & Music CDs are great for road trips and contain tons of information at your fingertips. They cover everything from automotive, carpentry and maintenance to trailers and hitches, towing, tires, roadside emergencies, trip check lists, state speed limits and driving tips.

Home Repair Manuals cover engines and transmissions for all makes and models plus maintenance and trouble-shooting procedures, tune-up information, adjustment and storage tips. You can go for Paint & Detailing Manuals that help you learn how to repair minor body damage and the best washing, waxing and buffing techniques. They cover exterior and interior restoration and long-term protection including rust proofing.

Repair & Service Manuals provide expert advice on mechanical modifications, tuning, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and more. You can even get Under Car Repair Manuals written by skilled professionals that include performance modifications, professional tips and tricks, tools and other repair specifications. All these comprehensive manuals are written in a clear, approachable language, which anyone can understand.

Types of Manuals, Videos & Software

Automotive, Gift Books & Music CD's

Automotive, Gift Books & Music CD'sAutomotive, Gift Books & Music CDs from our collection include Pocket Reference Books that are loaded with all the specifications for do-it-yourselfers, mechanics and travelers. You can also get Bug Tales, a must-have for every Bug fancier and Auto Reference Books that are filled with useful vehicle information including maintenance, driving maps, safety tips and more!

Body Repair Manuals

Body Repair ManualsBody Repair Manuals from JC Whitney like comprehensive Welding Manuals cover all types of welding techniques, the right equipment to be used and ways to use them safely. You can also get Techbook Repair Manuals that provide everything you need to know from restoring your vehicle from the ground up to simply keeping your car in top condition.

Home Repair Manuals

Home Repair ManualsYou can even go for Home Repair Manuals that include Small Engine Repair/Maintenance/Service Manuals that offer detailed information on the engine's operation and systems. 'How to Design & Build Your Auto Workshop' Manuals give you hands-on advice on building a clean, comfortable and well-organized workshop at home!

Paint & Detailing Manuals

Paint & Detailing ManualsJC Whitney also stocks Paint & Detailing Manuals that provide hands-on instructions for the perfect paint job as well as exterior and interior restoration and long-term protection. They also cover everything from simple spot repairs and complete redo's to everything to make your car look and feel like new!

Repair & Service Manuals

Repair & Service ManualsRepair & Service Manuals at JC Whitney are packed with comprehensive easy-to use lessons and tips on restoring and maintaining your vehicle for the best performance. You can choose from our line of user-friendly Repair & Service Manuals like Maintenance & Repair Manuals, Performance Manuals and Restoration Manuals.

Maintenance & Repair Manuals come with detailed, step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining all systems in your vehicle. Performance Manuals show you how to improve your car's performance through simple to radical modifications. Restoration Manuals carry everything from exhaustive authentic restoration to original equipment standard upgrades.

Repair CDs & Software

Repair CDs & SoftwareJC Whitney also stocks Tweeters that help add sparkling high and improved stereo imaging. High-Power Piezo Tweeters enhance high-frequency performance while adding depth to instrumental and voice performance. These Tweeters fill out your vehicle's stereo sound with sparkling and clear highs.

Trailer Manuals

Trailer ManualsTrailer Manuals like Tilt-Bed Trailer Plans help you build a lightweight tandem axle of 10,000 lb. capacity or single-axle tilt-bed trailer of 4,000 lb. capacity. They can easily haul any car with up to 160" wheel base or 112" wheel base.

Under Car Repair Manuals

Under Car Repair ManualsUnder Car Repair Manuals from our vast collection of Manuals, Videos & Software are designed to give your vehicle the perfect upgrade without spending a fortune on it! They feature detailed, illustrated and easy-to-read instructions on inspection, diagnosis and fixing of all parts of your vehicle.

You can choose from a variety of user-friendly Under Car Repair Manuals like Brake Repair Manuals, Suspension Repair Manuals and Transmission Repair Manuals at JC Whitney. These Manuals and Handbooks offer everything from original equipment upgrades to essential information on troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining all systems of your vehicle.

Under Hood Repair Manuals

Under Hood Repair ManualsUnder Hood Repair Manuals from JC Whitney guide you through troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of different parts of your vehicle. These Manuals not only contain step-by-step procedures but also information on various components, diagnostic tools needed and other repair specifications.

Under Hood Repair Manuals cover a variety of repairs like Air Conditioning & Heating Repair, Electrical Repair, Engine Repair and Fuel System Repair. All these types of Under Hood Repair Manuals are lavishly illustrated with photos, diagrams, drawings and charts and are a must for every do-it-yourselfer.