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Take a look at our selection of Shifters products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Shifters. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    Dorman Universal Shifter Bushing. Constructed from high-class resources. From the renowned leader in providing quality automotive parts... more

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Shifters from JC Whitney’s extensive assortment of Transmission & Drivetrain parts help eliminate exaggerated shifter flow in your car, truck, Jeep® or SUV. These Shifters also ensure faster, smoother and accurate shifts. Shifter Kits from EMPI are perfect for restorations and ensure smooth shifting.

Shifter parts from our collection also includes Quick Shifters, Replacement Column Shifters, Replacement Floor Shifters, Shifter Accessories, Short Shifters, Omix Shift Lever Kits, Crown Automotive Gear Shift Lever Kits, Roush Performance Shift Knobs, Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter Handles, Neuspeed Short-Throw Shifter Kits, B&M Precision Sport Shifters, Manual Performance Shifters, Performance Floor Shifters and Urethane Shift Coupler Kits. You can opt for Shifters from popular brands like Scat, Mr. Gasket, Prothane®, Dee Engineering and B D Diesel.



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  Say Goodbye to Sloppy Shifts with Shifters!
Types of Shifters
Say Goodbye to Sloppy Shifts with Shifters!

Shifters from JC Whitney are specially designed to provide you with a comfortable, smooth and firm grip and help eliminate exaggerated shifter flow. They ensure quick shift patterns for fast, sure gear changing and also help add a competition 4-speed look to your vehicle. You can choose from a variety of Shifters available at our selection like Quick Shifters, Replacement Column Shifters, Replacement Floor Shifters, Shifter Accessories and Short Shifters.

Quick Shifters offer reduced, quicker shifter throw and reduced knob travel. They have a shorter throw that easily replaces the sloppy feeling that stock shifters give. You can say goodbye to loose-feeling gear lever and sloppy shifts with Replacement Floor Shifters. They mount easily in place of original equipment floor shifters and come with easy bolt-in installation.

You can also go for Shifter Accessories that are designed to provide a firm, comfortable and natural grip, allowing less chance of your hand slipping and missing a shift. Our range of Short Shifters are engineered using the strongest materials available for the ultimate performance you can count on year after year! Quality engineering and input from some of the world's top racers and tuners make these Shifters the professionals' choice for the street!

Types of Shifters

Quick Shifters

Quick ShiftersQuick Shifters from JC Whitney include Manual Performance Shifters that come with a sturdy construction and are designed to provide a more positive and secure feel when shifting. They come with patented adjustable bias spring loads that allow stick tension to be tailored for the driver's preference and positive gear stops that prevent overshifting and internal transmission damage.

You can also get Competition Plus 5-Speed Shifters that are quality crafted to assure longevity and reliability. They reduce knob travel for a shorter throw and are supplied with urethane bushings and rear mount to eliminate shifter rail flex. These Shifters include all the hardware and instructions for direct bolt-on installation without any modifications.

Replacement Column Shifters

Replacement Column ShiftersReplacement Column Shifters like Shift Lever Kits at JC Whitney make excellent replacements for old, damaged or malfunctioning Shift Levers in your vehicle transmission.

Replacement Floor Shifters

Replacement Floor ShiftersReplacement Floor Shifters from our extensive assortment are perfect for restorations and make easy replacements for old or worn originals. Performance Floor Shifter Kits are specially made for American rear-wheel-drive cars with automatic transmission. They are made from heavy-duty materials that are case hardened to resist wear and come with spring-loaded detents that ensure safe, quick, sure gear selection.

Replacement Shifter Kits for all air-cooled VWs Type I Beetles and Karmann Ghias help you maintain the stock look while restoring smooth, like-original shifting. These kits include everything needed to replace old or worn-out shifters and install easily and fit perfectly without any modifications!

Custom-Fit High-Performance Shifters for air-cooled Volkswagens ensure fast, smooth and accurate shifts. They are available in 3 styles and also feature positive-reverse lockout that prevents accidentally shifting into reverse. JC Whitney also stocks Performance Floor Shifters, Floor Shift Conversion Kits, Starshifter Kits, Twin Stick Shifter Assemblies, Gear Shift Lever Kits and The Edge Shifters.

Shifter Accessories

Shifter AccessoriesShifter Accessories at our huge collection contribute to a firmer, more responsive shift every time. Urethane Shift Coupler Kits contain urethane coupling pads that far outlast rubber replacements for Volkswagen and Porsche models. You can choose from 3 kits customized for your vehicle that help eliminate the play and gear selection problems caused by worn pads and distorted coupler cage.

Polyurethane Shift Stabilizer Bushing Sets help absorb shocks better and last longer than conventional bushing sets even under extreme conditions. These hot, bright red colored Bushing Sets are precision designed and are extremely easy to install.

You can also select from other Shifter Accessories like Pistol Grip Shifter Handles, Shifter Boot Upgrades, Shift Knobs, Shifter Knobs, Jack Roush Shifter Handles and Shifter Knobs, Spherical Shifter Knobs with Inserts, Automatic Shifter Bezels and Aluminum Shifter Bezels at our selection.

Short Shifters

Short ShiftersWe also stock Short Shifters like Precision Short-Throw Manual Sport Shifters that give you the edge in looks and performance! They come with super-tough CNC-machined 303 billet stainless steel shafts that provide the best geometry for smooth, precise shifting. These Shifters are designed to fit/function properly with your car's factory boot, insulation and console surround.

Retro Stick and Ball Shifters can be added to your Short throw shifters for that '60's retro look and feel. These Shifters are fine billet aluminum machined with the ROUSH« logo on both sides! You can also go for Short Shift Kits that smoothly reduce throw length and shift travel to upgrade your driving experience. They ensure fast, accurate gear selection without hitting the passenger's knees.

Some other types of Short Shifters available at JC Whitney are Short-Throw Shifter Kits, Short Throw Shifter Bases, Jack Roush Complete Shifter Kits, Short Throw Shifters, Short Throw Shifter Base and Towers and Short Throw Performance Shifters.