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Shocks & Struts parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Shocks & Struts products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Shocks & Struts. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Shocks & Struts from JC Whitney make perfect replacements for your vehicle’s old or damaged units and make your ride smooth and extremely comfortable. They help minimize low-speed damping force while maximizing damping force at medium-to-high piston speeds for better overall contact, dramatically improving handling and stability.

Our huge assortment of Shocks & Struts includes Performance Car Shock Absorbers and Performance Truck Shock Absorbers that are perfect for carrying heavy-loads on your car, truck or SUV. These Performance Shock Absorbers feature Shocks & Struts that provide superior handling, ride quality and stability!

Replacement Shock Absorbers from our collection of Shocks & Struts feature Shock Absorbers that are perfect replacements for factory originals. These Shock Absorbers enhance the handling and stability of your vehicle without sacrificing riding comfort. You can select Shock Absorber Mounts & Hardware and Struts & Cartridges that are extremely durable and help increase your ride quality. They help protect your vehicle’s shocks and suspension components from damage.

JC Whitney’s collection of Shocks & Struts also includes Shock Absorber Boots and Strut Mounts that prevent failure of shock seals and eliminate rattles. Our range of Shocks & Struts from top brands like Edelbrock, EMPI and Rancho Suspension respond faster and better to changing conditions, providing exceptional on-road comfort and off-road control.

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Shocks & Struts

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  Better On-road Comfort and Off-road Control with Shocks & Struts
Types of Shocks & Struts
Better On-road Comfort and Off-road Control with Shocks & Struts

Shocks & Struts from JC Whitney enhance your vehicle performance and comfort on and off-road. They prevent those continuous bounces while driving your cars and trucks particularly on rough terrain. You can get custom-designed shock absorbers to fit your VW Beetles, Super Beetles, Ghia, Baja and Dune Buggies from our extensive collection. You can also easily replace the standard suspension system on your truck, car or SUV with these high-quality Shocks & Struts.

JC Whitney offers a wide selection of shock absorbers and struts for all vehicle types. Truck Shock Absorbers offer reliable performance even when subjected to the most grueling off-road conditions. You can go for our range of High-Performance Shocks if you own a light truck or a SUV. We also stock the Gabriel® range of air shocks, heavy-duty shocks and mono-tube gas shocks.

Replacement Shock Absorbers ensure superior handling, stability and control without the loss of highway driving comfort. Struts and Cartridges offer consistent performance even in extreme temperatures. Strut and Shock Mounts allow a maximum of four shocks to be installed on the rear suspension of your vehicle.

You can also find a complete line of accessories which includes Strut Assemblies, Strut and Shock Cartridges, Air Strut Suspension Systems, Replacement Struts and Strut and Shock Kits that help to distribute load across multiple shocks. JC Whitney even offers Strut bars and suspension braces to reinforce and strengthen suspensions for better handling of your vehicle.

Types of Shocks & Struts

Performance Shock Absorbers

Performance Shock AbsorbersPerformance Shock Absorbers from JC Whitney's vast collection are designed to keep your vehicle leveled and prevent costly damage to the suspension and tires. Heavy-Duty Shocks with Overload Springs stop sagging, bottoming and side sway in your vehicle. These Shocks come with calibrated, variable-rate tempered coil springs that react automatically to light as well as heavy loads.

Air-Adjustable Shock Absorbers are great for carrying heavy loads or extra passengers. They help increase tire clearance, improve traction and can even be installed easily. You can also go for Gas-Charged Performance Shocks that come with a shock piston that automatically adjusts to changing driving conditions. It travels freely for a comfortable ride on a smooth road and compresses more rapidly for better handling on a rough road.

We also stock Performance Shocks and Struts, Adjustable Gas Shocks, Gas Shocks, Gas-Charged Shocks and Strut Cartridges, 5100 Series Off-Road Gas Shocks for VW and Self-Adjusting Mono-Tube Gas Shocks for your vehicle's suspension.

Replacement Shock Absorbers

Replacement Shock AbsorbersReplacement Shock Absorbers from JC Whitney make perfect substitutes for old and rusted originals. Premium Gas-Charged Shocks are designed to resist compression and aid rebound to keep your tires in contract with the road. The pressure also reduces the fluid foaming that causes faulty dampening and fade in your vehicle's suspension.

You can also go for chromed Adjustable Overload Shock Absorbers for VW Beetles, Super Beetles, Baja and Dune Buggies. They are built to withstand hard usage and have a load-carrying capacity of up to 700 lbs. We also stock Original-Style Shock Absorbers, Hard-To-Find Shock Absorbers, Heavy-Duty Shocks, Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers and Heavy-Duty VW Shock Absorbers at JCW.

Shock Absorber Boots

Shock Absorber BootsYou can get Shock Absorber Boots like Colored Dust Boots that help prevent premature failure of shock seals in your vehicle's suspension. The poly boot also keeps water and dust away from the piston rods. These colorful Dust Boots are made from top-quality materials and are easy to install.

Shock Absorber Mounts & Hardware

Shock Absorber Mounts & HardwareShock Absorber Mounts & Hardware provide extra control when driving on off-road terrain. Shock Foam Bump Stops and Installation Tools help eliminate the crushing impact of your shocks bottoming out. They also protect the shocks and suspension components from damage. These easy to install Bump Stops and Installation Tools come with unique formula foam that gives extended service life and enhances your ride quality.

JCW also stocks Multiple Shock Kits, Air Shock Adapter Kits, Shock Reservoir Mounts and Rear Shock Mounts for your VW, Shock Grommets, IRS Suspension Shock Mount Kits, Shock Pins for Jeeps®, Swing-Axle Suspension Shock Mount Kits, Long-Travel Lower Shock Extensions and Replacement Rear Side Shock Plates.

Strut Mounts

Strut MountsStrut Mounts from JC Whitney stop rattles and bumping that are caused by old, worn or damaged originals. These Upper Front Strut Mounts are a must when installing new struts or cartridges on your vehicle's suspension.

Struts & Cartridges

Struts & CartridgesStruts & Cartridges reduce rebound to keep your vehicle tires in contact with the road. Strut Assemblies come with an exclusive Gabriel® velocity sensitive technology that helps resist compression and is instantly self-adjusting, resulting in faster reaction to the performance demands of your vehicle.

Re-Assembled Struts make perfect replacements for your vehicle's old and worn strut assembly components. They increase the longevity of your total strut job by eliminating the weak links. You can also get Strut Cartridges, Lowering Struts, Cartridges and Springs, Illumina Adjustable Performance Struts, Strut Inserts, Easy Street Air Hammer Complete Air Strut Suspension Systems and Gas Struts from JC Whitney.


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