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ANSA Brand Articles

  • Ansa: Bringing in Italian Craftsmanship to Exhaust Parts

    The Italians have been able to make a mark in the international automotive scene for a good part of the 20th and 21st centuries. Just like with the quality associated with Italian clothes and shoes, vehicles that are produced from this region are very confident when they roll out of the streets. This is because of the attention and craftsmanship put by Italian engineers whenever they build a machine. True enough, the traits are also apparent with their replacement and aftermarket parts. Ansa is one of the Italian brands that took on the challenge and is now producing exhaust products for vehicles.

    Exhaust tips

    The exhaust system of vehicles is the avenue that directs the fumes from the engine block to the right exit. If one would trace this path, it would be fairly evident that it is a series of different components and piping. The ensemble includes the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, pipes, and exhaust tip. The tip is the one usually protruding out from the rear bumper or somewhere close to the rocker panel. At a quick glance, only the exhaust tip would come out in plain sight. Because of this, manufacturers and owners attempt to make it aesthetically pleasing to a degree.

    Ansa creates its own take of exhaust tips that are meant to go along well with the contours, panels, and the overall ensemble found on the vehicle. The designers take careful consideration when they are crafting the suitable piece to enhance the looks of cars. The folds, bends, roundness, and all other factors come into play during its production. By the time the exhaust tip comes out of the factory, it should be ready to accentuate the ride without stealing the entire show. In fact, it should just be enough to keep passers-by taking a quick peek at the behind but not too long to get their faces covered in dust.

    Performance mufflers

    When a vehicle seems like it can still put up a notch above its stock performance, one of the first things that can be tweaked is its exhaust system. By adding a performance muffler to the ensemble, the vehicle will have a better chance of breathing easier. Therefore, this upgrade can produce a little bump up in the torque and horsepower section. As a bonus, the car might sound bolder than before. Traits that can get the driver a little more enthusiastic behind the wheel.

    OE replacement mufflers

    Keeping the exhaust system stock does not mean it has to be boring. Using OE replacement mufflers can ensure that the vehicle can still be preserved as close as it was when it rolled out of the assembly plant. By choosing this route, the owner will be able to avoid additional expenses and keep the response the way it was before. This kind of part works best for vehicles that would serve practical purposes for a good chunk of its life. More than that, the owner should just carry on the usual maintenance routines and pay no special attention to the well-built muffler.