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We pride ourselves on having the best selection of Borla parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit Borla products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of Borla parts or choose from the list below.

Borla Brand Articles

  • Borla: The Pioneer in Aftermarket Exhaust Since 1978

    There\'s definitely no shortage of good brands when it comes to aftermarket exhaust parts, but one brand that has the rare distinction of starting it all is Borla. Established in 1978, Borla is credited for introducing aftermarket exhaust components into the mass market. And now, it continues to be a pioneer in the industry, holding several patents in the US for a handful of innovative exhaust system technologies and winning several industry awards for its cutting-edge designs. It is this dedication to finding and implementing new technologies on its products that have made Borla the preferred brand by top engine builders in professional racing communities across the globe.

    Today, buyers can choose from a wide range of Borla aftermarket exhaust parts, ranging from racing-grade catalytic converters to heavy duty stainless steel downpipes. Each component is made of the best materials available and covered with the brand\'s signature Million Mile warranty.

    Aircraft-grade stainless steel construction

    One factor that sets Borla apart from the competition is its insistence on using only aircraft-grade T-304 austenitic stainless steel in its exhaust parts. This means that, unlike conventional stainless steel components that are only coated on the outside, Borla\'s stainless steel mufflers and other exhaust products are coated with stainless steel on both outside and the inside. Even the weld joints, which are often the first places that rust appears, are shielded from harmful corrosive elements with a dense stainless steel coat. In addition, T-304 stainless steel has a much higher chromium content, making it more effective in resisting corrosion and thus a more desirable material to achieve a long-lasting exhaust system.

    ATAK sound optimization technology

    Another feature that puts Borla above the rest of the competition is its use of the proprietary ATAK (Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics) technology. Found in select Borla exhaust systems, ATAK is meant for high-performance purists who lean more towards a more aggressive sound compared to their street-legal counterparts. ATAK-equipped exhaust components are individually tuned like a graphic equalizer to shape and focus the sound waves, ensuring an optimum sound that does not lose its quality at higher volumes. Borla mufflers with ATAK technology also feature a special muffler core that is calibrated to deliver a sound profile that is optimized for a specific engine. The mufflers feature distinct Multicore pipe, which tunes and attenuates the sound as it passes through and gets deflected through the multiple core openings and walls, respectively.

    The Million Mile Warranty

    Another advantage Borla has over its competitors is that all of its exhaust products are covered by a comprehensive Million Mile warranty program. As its name suggests, Borla will repair replace any non-moving parts in their products in the event of a defect in the material or how the product was fabricated. Any moving parts, such as the valves and actuators, are also covered by Borla for three years after purchases, while complete catalytic converter units are covered by a three-year warranty as well. This is a far cry from competing brands, which at the most offer a 1-year limited warranty.